Workplace Injuries – Repetitive Motion Strains

When performing a physical motion repeatedly, an individual may eventually develop a repetitive motion strain. These strains occur when a part of a person’s body begins to wear down due to overuse. In many cases, this occurs as a result of the jobs that individuals perform.Repetitive motion strains are often painful and may takes weeks or even months to heal. In some severe cases, individuals may have to undergo surgery or enter physical therapy to remedy their ailments.The most common types of these strains are:You may want to check out workplace injury lawyer for more.

Tendonitis – this occurs when a tendon inflames
Bursitis – this occurs when the cushioning between joints breaks down or becomes inflamed
Carpal tunnel syndrome – this occurs when swelling in the wrist presses against a nerve
Each of these injuries is very painful. Sufferers may suffer effects of these injuries for the rest of their lives depending on the severity of their ailments. In many cases, recovery from these injuries causes individuals to miss time from work, inevitably leading to lost wages.

In many cases, repetitive motion injuries occur when an employer forces his or her employees to repeat tasks without regular breaks and rest. This may be considered gross negligence in some cases, making the occurrences punishable by law.For employees wishing to pursue legal action against their employers, it is important to hire an experienced workplace injury lawyer to handle the case. Though a lawyer cannot guarantee a win, having one on board helps individuals increase their chances of a successful lawsuit.