What is a qEEG Brain Map Evaluation?

If you’ve heard about neurofeedback therapy and what it can do to help solve brain-related problems like ADHD, or’ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,’ epilepsy, anxiety, or any other issue you’re dealing with, you may have heard a suggestion that you do a brain mapping session before you start neurofeedback. You might want to do a brain imaging, or Quantitative EEG session, for a few reasons.Get more info leigh brain & spineĀ 

Quantitative EEG uses the same type of device used in neurofeedback sessions. The QEEG device will simply read the signals from your brain to gather information on how your brain is functioning. A QEEG session will most of the time involve your doing a few different things that cause your brain to function differently. You might read math problems aloud or full in your head, or you might just have a talk. Your brain waves will send out on-screen signals that the technician may read.
What do the technician’s tell these signals? Okay, they show some patterns which the technician will tell you how your brain works. For example, the brain can produce something called sleep spindles, which are a specific EEG pattern produced when you’re asleep. When, when you’re awake, your brain puts out these sleep spindles, that could indicate a problem.
Another thing technicians are able to read in your QEEG is whether you have an epilepsy problem. Yes, if you are considering neurofeedback as a solution to your epilepsy or other forms of seizure issues, you might want a QEEG done before you start the process. From these sessions the brain map will help you plan your therapy and make it more effective.
Brain mapping is capable of telling many specifics to skilled technicians that will assist with your diagnosis. Indeed it may disclose important health information, such as whether you are deprived of sleep. Your brain patterns can reveal a lot about how your brain works, and having a QEEG brain map done before you begin treatment with neurofeedback can be of great help to your therapist.
You should be mindful, however, that a QEEG isn’t always important to your neurofeedback treatment progress. A qualified therapist can evaluate your brain function in ways that are less expensive than a QEEG which can cost between $650 and $2,000 per session anywhere.
Tell the psychiatrist or clinician you are considering whether they believe the condition needs a QEEG. If the cost is not of concern to you, or if you have a serious condition requiring a preliminary assessment, such as a seizure disorder or traumatic brain injury, you may want to proceed with the brain mapping procedure.