Understanding Replacement Card Social Security Form

One’s social security number is a string of numbers that identify an individual. The system was formed precisely to offer protection and security to an individual through benefits and such. However, in the past few years, one’s SS number has proven to be the cause that threatens both one’s personal protection and security. replacement card social security form

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Identity theft continues to be a threat to many individuals in America and across the globe. Unfortunately, although the number given to you by the SSA is supposed to provide one with security, it has been found most often to be the cause of criminal activity involving stealing someone else’s identity. For this reason, one must be very careful in giving out one’s social security number to prevent identity theft.

Of course there are extreme measures available like shredding all official documents that contain sensitive information such as one’s S.S.N. before disposing of them in your garbage can. This is done to prevent thieves from finding this essential information in your trash. It is kind of extreme though because this scenario seems straight out of a Hollywood movie but it does happen and in this case, it is better to err in the side of caution than suffer the tremendous headache, confusion and gigantic problems that besiege victims of identity theft.

However, there are other simpler ways of protecting yourself from someone misusing the number you use on your tax return to fajg098akj48j identify yourself to the IRS. As much as possible, don’t carry documents with you with sensitive information like your social security card in your wallet. Find some other safe place to put it. Seems tedious yes but if your wallet is stolen, all your valuable numbers are left vulnerable to unscrupulous thieves who can compromise your identity.

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A much simpler way of protecting yourself against the theft of your identity is by simply being careful when giving out your SSN. Remember that mostly, only government agencies have the right to ask for your social security number. Don’t readily give it away to prospective employers. Make sure you’ve got the job first before giving your number out. Also, there will be some retailers that will require you to give information such as your SSN – insist on only giving out the last four numbers.

Unless you feel totally confident in the retailer’s security, don’t give them your number. Remember that other than government agencies, no one else should be given your sensitive numbers although some may ask for it. For instance, banks and other financial institutions may need your social security number to check on your credentials. This is not completely secure but some institutions will offer credit card and identity protection for a fee and perhaps it’s better to do business with financial institutions like these for proper risk management.

However, there may be some retail outlets, like video stores and the like that will ask for your number. Think twice before giving it away. Yes they may deny you their services if you don’t comply but there’s no reason for you to choose establishments that force you to compromise your security and cause you to be vulnerable to having your identity stolen. Your best protection against having your identity stolen is caution and knowledge. Know your rights. Know the rules and regulations that are out there that should protect you and keep abreast of the dos and don’ts of giving away sensitive information.