Tips on Preserving Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Battery life-the cell phone users constantly worry about everywhere. And if you own an iPhone-which not only acts as a communication device but can run literally hundreds of applications-the loss of battery life will feel like the end of the universe: that is, your communications world. The good news is there are a variety of ways to help preserve the battery life of your iPhone as long as you follow a few basic indicators. For more info click Iphone Battery Replacement Near Me.

Before discussing ways to preserve battery life on the iPhone, let’s cover some details. Your iPhone has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that lasts 300 hours in standby mode, 12 hours in talk mode, 30 hours in audio playback and 10 hours in video playback. After about 500 loads, battery life decreases by about 20 percent. Keep in mind also that iPhone batteries have to be maintained throughout the phone’s life-the battery is deeply embedded within the iPhone itself, so it can’t be replaced-so it must be charged at all times. In order to understand how to get the best performance from your iPhone battery, getting this knowledge is important. Knowing what the battery is capable of, however, does not cover what you can do to maintain the battery power.

First of all, make sure that your post-purchase phone does not have a number of applications running. Turning off software like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will help preserve the battery life a long way. Second: loaders, loaders, loaders! For every location you can imagine, relatively inexpensive chargers are available. A common charger is a 2 in 1 capable of being used with a wall socket or plugged into a USB port on a device. Even a new solar powered battery is on the market as technology is constantly being updated. This device operates by transforming energy from sunlight into iPhone charging. This charger also has the ability to store energy as a back-up for later use-almost to guarantee you’re never going to run out of electricity. One last charging tip: Apple suggests that you standardize the iPhone battery by draining it completely from its charge at least once a month, and then recharging it completely.

It’s as easy as following these rules to get a charge out of your iPhone and then hold it. The best way to preserve the incredible features of your new iPhone is to ensure you’re still completely powered.