Tips For Power Washing Decks

When your deck begins to look dirty, and the cracks between the deck boards seem to be filling in with debris, it is time to consider power washing. Power washing is something you do not have to hire a professional to do, and will leave the surface of your deck looking amazing. check here

Before you run out and purchase power washing equipment to clean you deck you can check with local rental companies and see if they rent these items by the hour. The problem with renting the equipment is that you have to rent it every time you want to clean something that requires it. The good part of renting the equipment is that the company that owns it will do all of the maintenance on it.

You must clean off the surface of the deck before you begin to clean. The job of pressure cleaning the area will go much quicker if you begin by cleaning everything that is moveable off of the deck surface. If you do not move these items you will have to stop while you are cleaning and move them out of your way. Moving them first will save you time in the long run.

Check the soap solution you are going to be using on an area that is not easy to see to make sure it will do the job without causing a problem. Always do a check of the cleaners you intend to use before you place them all over your area. Many cleaners can change the look of the boards.

Make sure that you have a heavy duty extension cord to plug the equipment in with. If you do not have an exterior plug to power the equipment from, or your exterior plug is located too far from your deck, then make certain you use a heavy duty extension cord that is rated for use outdoors. Simple household cords are not wired to handle the amperage that one of these pressure cleaners requires.

Make certain that you read the instructions on how to fill the tank of the cleaner carefully before you start to try and run the equipment. The manufacturer’s instructions will prevent accidents, and when followed correctly, will allow you to do a better job.

You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your deck boards. Vinegar and water will clean the dirt from the surface, and will help to prevent pest infestations. This solution will also be safe around pets and plants.