Take Your Dog Along While Going to Buy Pet Supplies

If you had to abandon your furry friend outside the shop because you couldn’t get them in, then this post is for you. We compiled a list of stores in the United States where you can go shopping with your dog. These shops will welcome your pet happily into their stores. Therefore, you will not be stuck in a bind the next time you see a trendy top on sale in the shop to choose between your best friend and a fresh top.

1) Home Depot The ease and great deal you get online pet supplies is definitely helpful but if your dog loves shopping as much as you do, then Home Depot is one spot you can take him / her to. The furry friend might even earn a cashier reward, or two. If you’re looking for more tips, Pet Supply in Irvine has it for you.

2) Barnes and Noble A number of Barnes & Noble shops will let your pet in but its best to check with your pet before heading there. A good book in one hand, and the best combination of petting your pooch with the other.

3) Hobby Lobby If you’re a creative person who frequently visits the Hobby Lobby to get your hands on some home decor and art pieces, then here’s another reason to spend some time there. Your shopping companion might even find something cute.

4) Lowe’s The big, concrete aisles render Lowe a great place for your pet to go. Buy vital goods under one roof, as well as pet supplies. Again it’s best to confirm whether you can bring your pet along with your local Lowes.

5) Pottery Barn With so much to break around the shop, it’s amazing how Pottery Barn lets your pet get into their stores. If your dog is on leash and has good decorum then you can take him / her to this store with pleasure.

6) Macy’s Macy’s has always been a part of animal welfare. This was echoed in their sponsorship of the SPCA. If you can’t choose between two suits, it’s always nice to have a pal with you.

If your dog is not well trained and no store can accept a misbehaving pet, visiting public places, particularly store with your pet can get out of hand.