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A Guide To Iphone Battery Replacement

In comparison to cracked screens and frozen hard drives, battery life is one of the top items like an iPhone, iPod, or iPad inside the Apple smartphone portable device. While there are various settings on your phone which will improve the battery life, it becomes an expensive paperweight until your battery is dead. If you’re ready to take on the battery shift task yourself, then obey the measures listed below. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Battery Replacement

Product that you need to remove your iPhone battery include a specially crafted screw driver named a Torx Screw Driver package. You’ll need a replacement battery, in fact. All these can be sold at numerous online stores. Now let’s get the repair process underway.

The first step in removing an iPhone battery is to insert in the tiny hole next to the headphone jack the pointy end of a safety pin. That will remove the back plate part of the tray. First, cut the two dock end screws at both ends. You now want to distinguish the front window from the back panel by wedging the spudger between the front panel in glass and the ring in chrome. Always be careful not to cut any ribbons which still bind both frames. Then with the spudger cut cables numbered “1” so “2” in that specific order. You will remove the last ribbon cable by tossing up the white tab keeping it in place. This will allow full differentiation of the front and back situations. Next, remove the 8 screws that hold the motherboard down. Undo the “4” string, then raise the motherboard back. It is still connected by a cord heading to the frame. Cut the specific ribbon from camera and set aside the motherboard. Pry the frame back so you can move the logic board down. Before doing so, make sure that all screws which protect the logic board are removed. Turn on the battery button to disable it. Replace it with the latest one, and bring all the pieces back together in the opposite order in which you cut them off.