Stealth Belt Tips

Ostomy patients should always be kept clean at all times which means that any ostomy products used must be constantly changed and purged. Moreover, efficient supplies have to be used also to avoid skin irritations such as a reliable opaque convatec ostomy bags and other supplies. In as much as learning the steps on how to appropriately change these supplies are relatively necessary.Stealth Belt offers excellent info on this.

To change an ostomy bag will take only 10-20 minutes and are quite manageable to do. Here’s how:

  1. Before touching any ostomy accessories it is important to wash your hands.
  2. Prepare all the things needed when changing and place it within reach. Have the following things ready: adhesive remover, wafer, skin protector, measuring guide, pencil, stomahesive paste, plastic bags, clean towel, wash cloth, scissors, and a new pouch.
  3. Start by emptying the pouch.
  4. Wipe the tape that surrounds the old ostomy wafer with the adhesive remover if needed. Use your other hand to hold the skin firmly while gently pulling the wafer off with your other hand.
  5. Throw all the old pouches, wafer, and other waste products excluding the clip into a disposable plastic bag. Use an ez-zip seal that is made of low density polyethylene plastic to allow quick disposition of your used ostomy waste products with one sweeping hand. Moreover, use a light absorbing film plastics that will provide a 100% invisibility of content ensuring clean appearance.
  6. Start cleaning the skin and stoma with a washcloth using warm water. To avoid mess, do this inside the shower but never use scented soaps since this will leave films. Doing the cleaning inside the bathroom will lessen the effort needed since any waste that comes out from the stoma may be washed instantly down the drain.
  7. Pat the skin dry and measure the stoma first with the measuring guide leaving only about 1/8″ to 1/16″ between the measuring guide and the stoma.
  8. Trace the correct size to the back of the wafer with the starter hole at the middle then cut out this hole.
  9. Apply skin protector where the wafer will be placed.
  10. Remove the paper from the wafer and apply stomahesive paste around the circle. Wet your finger with water to smoothen the paste. This is done to avoid paste sticking into your finger.
  11. Remove the paper at the back of the tape and place the item on the stoma. Ensure that the stoma is in the center of the hole. Firmly pressed it into the skin and smoothen.
  12. Put the new pouch into the wafer.
  13. Press gently for a few seconds to ensure a good seal before closing the bottom of the ostomy bag with the clip and presto, you are done.

When doing the changing, keep in mind to stand over an old towel or paper towels to catch waste from the stoma, if not done in the shower room. Also, avoid feeding ostomy patient late at night prior to scheduled change so that stoma output will be lessened. It is normal to see a little bleeding, however, report any unusual color, size, shape, or bleeding to your ET nurse.

To ensure efficiency in changing use only reliable opaque convatec ostomy bags as well as other ostomy medical supplies. Get your ostomy supplies needed from the best online suppliers that are devoted in providing only quality yet favorably priced products.