Smoking Reefer -Brief Notes

Opinions on the potential for addiction to marijuana are numerous. A lot of long-time smokers would argue that cannabis is not addictive. But research has shown that cannabis abuse in many cultures is a real problem. About 5-10 percent of marijuana patients become chronic users. Chronic marijuana usage is described as more than two reefers a day being smoked. Therefore, here are a few tips to achieve weed-free status for those of you who feel they need to abandon weed:

For most smokers, a form of relaxation is smoking marijuana. To them, something they do to alleviate tension is something they do. Therefore, clearly, one would need to substitute this time with something satisfying. find more info here.

A smart idea is joining a gym. It is quite likely that they would still be smoking cigarettes if you were smoking cannabis. It is also worthwhile to try to leave both together. Quitting cigarettes can lead to weight gain, which workouts can avoid. Secondly, endogenous cannabinoids, a class of compounds similar to cannabinol but formed by the body itself are increased by exercise. This can ease many withdrawal symptoms. Exercise is a perfect way to keep busy and stay fit, too. Therefore, exercise should be included in their strategy if one is intending to leave the pot, otherwise it is bound to fail.

It is also advised to engage in a hobby. Obviously, one can not develop a hobby immediately, but most people have several interests, and because of cannabis withdrawal, this can be successfully used to combat depression and anxiety. Gardening is highly calming and is considered to soothe patients who are nervous. This can become a fruitful pastime to help get rid of weed if you have access to a greenhouse.

It is also important to avoid items that remind the smoker of marijuana, circumstances, people and locations. It is also best to dump all smoking devices and equipment in the toilet and it is also advised to stay away from friends who smoke.

It will also help make a list of reasons why in the first place, one decided to leave marijuana. The thoughts and reasons behind this effort to leave grass will be crystallised by making this list. It can be generated in a graph if possible and shown prominently for frequent reminders in the space.

Besides this, one must have a written target as well. The way people think about themselves and can generate new insights into their addiction can be changed by simply writing one target. This written purpose may be very easy, like reducing the number of joints smoked or anything similar, but the chances of this occurring are better by writing it down.