Rear Window Sticker

The rear window is a vital component of any vehicle and placing a rear window sticker needs to be undertaken with some care. As this window is the viewing port of all external events which take place behind and around the rear sides of the vehicle being able to see clearly is absolutely vital to everyone’s health. When you think about applying one on the rear window you will need to ensure that the sticker is one which will give you an unobstructed view.

To help you in this regard you should hunt around for car window sticker companies that can manufacture a see-through back window sticker. You should take a look at how these stickers function so that you will have a good idea of how they will give you the viewing access you require. You can find this information and the companies which sell these stickers from the internet.

In general this type of rear window sticker can be made from high quality weather proof vinyl. This has a number of holes in them which allows the see-through aspect to be seen. In these vinyl stickers the design is placed on a sheet of vinyl which is about 50% vinyl and 50% perforated vinyl holes. If you drive behind a vehicle with such a sticker you can see the light from the outside reflected onto the surface of the design.

Due to the dazzling colours on this window sticker the light causes your eyes to focus only on the design. Thus you are given the impression that it is a solid design which has been painted on to the rear window. For the driver of the vehicle the design may be printed on a black coloured backing. On this backing material you will be able to see numerous holes on the rear window sticker.

As the light from the exterior streams into the vehicle from these holes, your eye is caught by the light. Any object which is in the path of this reflected light can be seen clearly by the driver due to the effect of seeing a solid viewing area. The ingenuity of these stickers is matched only by the stunning designs which are available. These designs range from the mundane to that of 3 dimensional designs.

You will find from various window sticker catalogues, the stock images can be ones like dragons, flaming skulls, sports, animals, mythological creatures, religious symbols and icons, landscapes, patriotic designs and many others. These stickers may be a single colour design, a two tone design, full colour design or the design can even be three dimensional.

For the most part a rear window sticker can be one where you design the image yourself or one which can be found in the company’s website catalogue. These websites will also be able to answer any questions that you might have with regards to the performance of the sticker.