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Image result for AerobellAirlinesThe Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has several laws and policies for domestic flights. Packing and preparing for your next flight could possibly make you stressed. The documents required for you to board the plane are the most important items that you should essentially carry with you. Airport security may refuse you to board the plane or cause delay without the required documents.Do you want to learn more? Visit AerobellAirlines.

Ticket or Boarding Pass

You should have a paper ticket, boarding pass or an electronic ticket to show airport security staff while passing through security. Both the names on your photo identification card and ticket must match each other. For example, if the name on your photo ID card has a middle initial, it should also be there on your ticket. You can contact the airline to change the name on your ticket in case both the names on your ticket and photo ID are different.

Image result for AerobellAirlinesIn case you leave your print ticket behind, go to the help desk of the airline and ask them to cancel old one and issue you a new ticket. For this, you may have to buy a new ticket immediately. Later you can get your money back by supplying them your canceled ticket.

In case, you leave your boarding pass or electronic ticket behind, you can request them print the electronic ticket for you by visiting customer service desk of the airline.

Photo ID

It is necessary for you to show a valid photo ID prior to passing via security checks. Most people use their driver’s license for domestic flights. You can use a valid passport, Electoral Photo Identity Card, Photo Credit Card, photo identification card issued by the employer or a PAN card from the Income Tax Department in case of lack of driver’s license. You do not have permission to pass through security and to board the plane without your photo ID.

Credit Card

As a preventive measure, the airline can ask you for showing the credit card that you have used to purchase your electronic ticket. Keep in mind to bring the credit card that you have used to buy the ticket while going to the airport.