New Ideas about Major-Enemies-Of-Your-Roof

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Not all leaky roofs need a new roof and the tremendous investment this calls for. But you want to make sure that you don’t miss it if your roof leaks. Sure, it just leaks when it rains and maybe only when it rains very hard, but you will need to fix it as soon as possible to prevent water damage if it leaks at all. Leaks can be confusing, they’re not always where the damage appears, often the inside damage can be eight to ten feet away from the leak’s external source.

Since the source of a leak can be difficult to spot, you would either have to go up to the source itself to look at it or have your roof inspected with professional eyes by a roofer. Because certain roofing materials, such as concrete or clay tiles, are very fragile to walk on, you might want someone to do the testing for you and avoid possibly doing more harm to the roof. The trigger may be shingles that have grown on older roofs or nails simply worked out themselves that give water an entry point into the roof. The valley is another popular area. The valley is where two lines of roof converge. They will work to draw water in instead of away from the roof if the shingles are not cut properly here. You can check the flashes as well. You have possibly found the cause of your leak or at least a very low-quality patch job that should be fixed if all of your flashes are filled with tar, caulk or roofing cement. The flashings around plumbing vents, the chimney and the furnace should be tested since these are places that are vulnerable to leaks if not properly installed. You’ll probably need a roofer to do a decent repair job once you find your leak, and the first place to start searching is consumer-based websites like Angie ‘s List.