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Does your refrigerator keep you up with their different moans and groans at night? There are a couple of steps you can take when you need instant relief from your noisy fridge. Follow these helpful tips from your nearest repair shop on appliances:

Locate the noise source-Is the noise coming from the inside of the freezer, or from the outside of the fridge? Determining from which region the noise comes will help you narrow down the potential components that may cause the crash.Get additional information at new appliances can raise home value.

Troubleshooting-There are just a couple of pieces that normally cause noise in a refrigerator. Once the general location of the sound has been narrowed down, you can start troubleshooting various components to try to solve the problem. Although some problems can be easily repaired with minimal effort, others would allow you to call in a specialist skilled in repairing the refrigeration.

Noise In the Freezer

Usually, noise occurring inside the freezer can be traced to the evaporator fan, which works when the device actively cools down. If you hear a sound that comes and goes chirping, squealing, or groaning (instead of being steady), it could be a issue with the fan motor. Open the freezer door to find out for sure, and hold down the light / fan switch when there is one. If the sound becomes louder with the door open, then you can be pretty sure that the cause is the fan. Unfortunately, there is no way to patch the evaporator fan motorĀ  you have to replace the component to fix the issue.

Noise from Refrigerator ‘s Back

The bulk of the noises you hear should come from the refrigerator back, where most of the moving parts are stored. If you have a self-defrosting unit then the condenser fan is the first place you want to check. The condenser fan lies at the refrigerator ‘s back, often behind a thin panel. Occasionally, a buildup of lint and other debris can accumulate by the fan, causing a buzzing or clicking noise. You can try to solve the problem by removing the thin cover to access the fan, and then by using a soft bristled brush to clean the fan of any debris (old toothbrushes are great for that!). Once the ventilator is clear of dust or other materials, replace the cover and plug the fridge back in. If after cleaning it, you still have noise coming from the condenser fan, you might have to replace the part with the help of an appliance repair firm.

If your refrigerator causes a rumble, or purring noise from the back, it may indicate a compressor problem. The compressor is situated on the refrigerator ‘s back, near the bottom of the device, in a football case and typically contains either black or copper tubes with a variety of colored cables. The compressor is usually a sealed device, so a do-it-yourselfer can not replace it. To complete the job, you will need to contact a refrigerator repair technician to isolate the problem to the compressor.

Noise from the refrigerator underneath

If you have sound emanating from the bottom of your fridge, it probably comes from one of two places. The first, and easiest to resolve, is a loose drain pan rattling out. To fix this problem, simply tape the pan in place securely to stop the noise. If that doesn’t work, you may run into a defrost timer problem. The defrost timer is located behind the kickplate, at the front of the unit. This part is actually a heating element which is located on the coil of the evaporator and can not be repaired. If you have trouble with the defrost timer, you can also find a frost buildup in your fridge or freezer. To have this portion repaired, you should contact an experienced refrigerator repair part installer.

When to contact the tradespeople

If you are completing the above steps and are still unable to determine the source of the problem, or if you need to replace a complicated part such as the compressor or defrost timer, please contact your

Local support fixing appliances. Most refrigerator repair technicians also provide regular maintenance in addition to providing you with comprehensive troubleshooting and quick , reliable repairs, which can help you avoid down the road problems. With their help, you’ll be able to sleep well into the future without being interrupted by odd kitchen noises.