Joe Solo Music Success Workshop- An Insight

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The Musician’s Social Dilemma

We live in a world which has even adopted the title of Happy Hour for that period just after 5pm on weekdays. For the musician frequently the reality is that the real happy hour begins about 11pm. If you are playing in the theater you will be lucky to get the first drink by 11pm. If you have just played a concert you might make it by 10.30pm. Have a look at Joe Solo Music Success Workshop for more info on this.

So you have the situation where the musician really does not fit into the normal social fiber readily. Not only is a lot of the work we do at night but also the weekend is often where out best and biggest audiences are. Consequently, our weekend might be a Monday when most everyone else has gone back to work.

Entertaining Socially

The obvious solution to all of this is to adjust to it happily because it is what you do and find a way to entertain socially that fits into the musician’s lifestyle.

For me the best of the ways of entertaining socially is at home. It can be on an evening when I am not working. It can be during the day when I am not working or it can begin at 11pm when I have finished for the day.

Of course if one is not careful you end up only socializing with fellow musicians. The fact is that most people mix with people in their own profession and/or at their own workplace. So the musician is not really different in that regard it is just that the schedule can be different.

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The Banquet

Musicians spend a lot of their time with what are called masterpieces. So when we decide to entertain we try to create a masterpiece. This will consist of an overture followed by the large symphony or main course which in turn will move into possibly a concerto or dessert featuring some soloist like berries or chocolate finished off with a coda or closing piece which may be cheese and port.

Background Music

Likely the big difference at a musician’s banquet is that there probably will be no music. For the dedicated musician music is either to be listened to, performed, or turned off. The idea of someone’s genius being relegated to background to conversation, eating and drinking is really a recipe for indigestion for many musicians.