Importance Of Radon Testing

Knew January is the month of national radon action? Radon is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that after cigarette smoke is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the number one leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.If you’re looking for more tips, Radon testing near me has it for you.

Those statistics right there illustrate why it’s so crucial that you check your house frequently for radon. You can buy test kits at home to do it by yourself, but if you buy or sell a house, you should consider having a professional come in and handle the radon testing for you. That way, you know the results are unbiased and impartial and there’s no need to worry about the skewed outcomes. If you do a test on your own, you have to choose between two types: short-term and long-term. A radon test kit can be found at home improvement stores , online, or through your state government. Depending on the state in which you live, some government agencies will have free or discounted radon test kits available and some states will even have a list of contractors you can contact to have professional radon tests done.

Radon is caused by natural radioactive gas that is released into water, rock and soil due to uranium’s natural decay. It moves through the ground through cracks and fissures in the foundation of your home and into your home. It can also be found in well water, which releases radon through the water when you shower or otherwise use water.

If your neighbor’s house has been tested for radon and returned with low gas levels, that doesn’t mean you can assume your house will also have low levels. The levels of radon vary from house to house and there are several factors that go into how much radon is in your house. Radon is present everywhere and the U.S. Environmental Protection Authority has 4 pCi / L of action point. If you find your house at that point has a radon level or higher, you need to look into having a radon mitigation system installed.

The Radon is present in all 50 states in the world. There is no particular type of home with a greater or lesser probability of having high radon levels. Again, this illustrates why it is so important to regularly test your home for radon and to make sure that as part of the home inspection process the house you are thinking about buying is tested for radon.