How Swimming Is The Best Exercise – Basic Tips to Know

Top swimmers and swimming instructors from all over the world provide aspiring swimmers, both newbies and pros, with helpful tips that have helped them catapult towards their goal in being the best. It is surprising how all the best swimmers and instructors share the same tips in improving overall swimming level. It just shows that these tips are indeed effective and can definitely help you, as a newbie or a pro, to improve.

Helpful Swimming Tips for Newbies

Efficient Kicks: As a beginner, you can greatly improve your kicking efficiency through using fins. This also trains you to avoid doing crossover kicks, which makes the foot cross over the other, thus lessening kicking efficiency. Wearing fins at an early stage increases your ankle’s flexibility and overall kick efficiency.

Focusing on Form

Practicing proper swimming form is important especially when starting to learn how to swim, as it becomes involuntary once you go pro. You can focus on proper form, arm stroke and rotation through using swimmer’s snorkels. This will allow you to focus on your form and your movement instead of sharing that focus on trying to sustain enough air in your lungs while in the water.


As a beginner, you might find it hard to keep your goggles on for a long time. If your goggles fog up and it becomes hard to see, you can squint your eyes to allow a bit of water to seep in and make your lenses fog-free. Also try to get accustomed to wearing your goggles for a longer period as this will prepare you for extensive periods of training with your goggles on.

Swimming Tips for Pros

Head Position: A mid-head position is the secret to swimming fast. This is a great position to use as it allows you look ahead slightly without ruining your form. To successfully pull off this head position, you need to position yourself highly near the surface. Maintaining good form and breathing will allow you pull off this position used by elite swimmers. If you are a triathlete, a head position that is very forward looking is important. This will allow you to see other swimmers ahead of you so you can navigate through them. Swimming with this head position in open water is also advisable to avoid unwanted accidents.

Avoid too much Stress

Most swimming tips only focus on showing different techniques that improve the physical aspects of swimmers. Swimming should be considered fun but most professional competitive swimmers often forget this important factor. If you swim professionally and your only goal is to win, then you are in for a lot of stress and pressure, which is not ideal for your health. The best swimmers swim because they are passionate about swimming and they have fun with what they are doing. You will be very surprised how greatly you have improved once you start to enjoy every training day.