Get Well Organized With a Perfect Spring Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to a thorough cleaning and maintenance of your home, its best to develop a spring cleaning checklist to organize your efforts. The to-do list should be organized by room and include areas that usually don’t get your weekly dusting and cleaning attention. When you are making your spring cleaning checklist, find items that will help you. Absorbent pads should be on the list as they are handy items to have to clean up any spills that will happen. As spills happen on an almost daily basis, these pads are good to have around the house anyway. provided a spring cleaning checklist

Remember to add the garage to your spring cleaning checklist because it often gets neglected in a homes cleaning schedule. Organize the garage by grouping items according to theme, such as putting all the lawn equipment together in one area, all the grilling items in another and all the tools in another section. Consider putting down absorbent mats under items that can leak oil, grease, or other liquids that can stain your garage floor.

As the spring and summer months can herald many rainy days, make sure that your spring cleaning checklist also focuses on the basement, an area where leaks are prone to occur. After cleaning any mold or mildew, put down absorbent mats which will take care of future water leaks. You will find that there are many different sizes of absorbent products, which work well when it comes to absorbing a lot of water, thus protecting your floors and walls.

If you use draft blockers under doors and absorbent mats, then your spring cleaning checklist should include cleaning them. Absorbent mats might need to be vacuumed to remove any dirt. Door snakes or draft stoppers may be dusty, so a quick hand wash and air dry might be in order. As part of your spring cleaning checklist, look at new products that can help you better maintain your home. For example, products with absorbent technology can really save on cleaning time because they do the work for you. Many homeowners put absorbent mats under a pets feeding dishes, an aquarium, plants and a child’s highchair to absorb and contain any drips or spills from reaching the surface.

Your spring cleaning checklist will likely involve painting, so make sure that you have prepared the area in advance by placing absorbent mats, pads and cloths. By preventing any drips from reaching the floor, or ruining furniture, you will save time and not have to clean up the mess. Once your spring cleaning checklist is completed, its time to put in preventive measures to reduce your cleaning tasks. If you park your car and other vehicles in your garage, consider protecting the floor with absorbent mats that can be placed under them. That way any oil spills, transmission fluid leaks, or anti-freeze leaks can be soaked up before damaging the floor. Absorbent mats and pads are also good for do-it-yourselfers who change their own oil or perform other types of vehicle maintenance.