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Vintage cook books are capturing the attention of consumers-and dollars. Vintage cookbooks are, for some, a ride down memory lane, an opportunity to recreate childhood recipes. Food past interests’ other clients. For one recipe only, Avid cook book collectors can purchase a cook book.

Old cookbooks, those that were used by our mothers and grandmothers, have things to tell us. A good example is “The Victory Cook Book,” published in 1943. The title page shows you what the book is about right away. “Wartime Edition,” declares the page, “With Victory Substitutes and Delicious Wartime Meals Economic Recipes.”

Substitutes “and” economical “were the key terms for Americans in the those of a war. This cookbook taught them how to prepare store food and home-grown food.” Cooks were taught how to make meat fat, which was put into cans and converted into local butcher shops. This fat was turned into bombs, hard as it is to believe.

Menu preparation is dedicated to a wide portion of the book. Only after you had consumed “wholesome foods” were doughnuts, cookies, and pancakes to be eaten. Meat was eaten in small quantities. In moderation, sweets were to be consumed and “The Triumph Cook Book” advises eating dessert salad.

During World War II, meat was scarce. The chapter on meatless meals must have been very beneficial. You can feel complete just by reading the dinner menu. Chilled fruits, stuffed tomatoes, parsley potatoes, creamed asparagus, pumpkin pie, and milk are part of a sample dinner menu. If that did not fill you up, there would be none.