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The 2009/10 Remodeling Cost versus Value Study gathers national averages for familiar U.S. remodeling projects. The resulting price estimates will assist you to build a general image of the cost of your remodeling project.How much does a project cost for kitchen remodeling? That is based on the scale of the remodeling. Derek’s Remodeling – Barrington Remodeler is an excellent resource for this. A modest remodel of an obsolete kitchen of two hundred square feet is approximately $21,411, while $57,215 is quoted for a large remodel and $111,794 for a luxury remodel.In contrast to a premium addition costing nearly $75,812, a bathroom midrange addition is priced at $39,046. A midrange bathroom remodel is around $16,142, while it costs $52,295 for a luxury remodel.What about your boring basement being renovated into a living area? A remodel of a midrange basement is priced at $62,067. To work at home? For about $28,375, a home office renewal is quoted. Summer upgrades such as a $73,167 addition to a midrange sunroom, a $10,634 addition to a midrange wood porch, $15,373 composite decking and a luxury addition of approximately $37,745.Remodeling, construction or repair of roofing is better carried out before winter hits again. A midrange roofing replacement for a premium job is valued at $19,731 and roughly $37,359. A replacement for a midrange vinyl window costs from $10728 and $13862, while a replacement for a wood window varies from $11700 and $17816.

The above-mentioned cost of remodeling is nice to provide a general image of how much you are going to spend on your 2009/10 remodeling project. Global averages and not precise figures are the prices listed above. Charges can vary depending on the quality of the goods, the regional tariffs, the scarce supply and the current layout of the house.