Garage Fire Wall – Separation Wall – Something That Your Life Might Depend On

It is very convenient to have a garage attached to your property. However, as we sometimes use the garage to perform not necessarily safe “experiments” and store various flammable materials in that area, the wall separating living quarters and the garage (including wall penetration) must comply with certain important rules.You may find more details about this at view publisher site.

  1. Garage entrance door to the house-it must be a solid door, wood or metal, with proper weather stripping to create an airtight barrier between the garage and the living rooms (by law, the door should have a fire resistance rating of at least 20 minutes-no hollow core, interior type doors like those you normally install in the bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, etc.)
  2. The garage entrance door should be slightly raised / higher than the garage floor surface. Many building codes require a step (or curb) between the doorway of the house and the garage floor. The step (min 4 “recommended but check your local code) prevents spilled gasoline vapors from entering the house and partially protects residents from carbon monoxide fumes.
  3. Garage firewall / wall of separation-this would again only apply to the garages attached to the house. The entire purpose is to give you an extra hour of safety from the fire that could start within the garage (the boundary wall between the garage and the house is actually expected to have one hour of fire resistance) To achieve this rating, the wall must be covered with at least 5/8″ drywall on each side (from the garage and home side), but check with your local code enforcement division … some jurisdictions will double that thickness. The separation wall should not have missing/damaged drywall sections, any penetration should be sealed (fire-rated caulking would be perfect for small gaps around it).
  4. A forced air heating device circulating air through the house should have any registers (supply or return) in the garage-older houses still have one and can be eliminated and the air duct opening covered with sheet metal and fire-rated caulking. Walls with metal air ducts uncovered in the garage area will be at least 26 ga.
  5. Installed in the garage, an electrical box should not have another connected to its back (back to back installation) and opened inside the house. In addition, some jurisdiction might not allow the installation of an electrical panel inside the separation wall.