Find Kolkata Commercial Kitchen For Rent

In order to operate legally as a caterer, you will have to cook and a licensed commercial catering kitchen that will provide you with proper working conditions and large-scale equipment. If you do not have access to a commercial kitchen, there are several ways to find a suitable location.

-Shared-use Commercial Kitchens

This segment of the market is relatively new and small, but it is growing. New York State, for example, has about a dozen shared-use commercial kitchens. Some are run as not-for-profit businesses. These kitchens rent out time to caterers and small food manufacturers who do not have their own kitchens. The people who run the kitchen maintain the licenses and permits with the local authorities and pay for the location’s insurance. In return they charge an hourly fee for using the cooking facilities. Check to see if your area has a shared-use commercial kitchen. If not find out where the closest one is.Click this link here now, Commercial Kitchen For Rent.

-Underutilized Commercial Kitchens

Many churches and community centers have commercial kitchens and are willing to rent time to local entrepreneurs. If you are doing kosher catering, visit the synagogues in your area, the Jewish community Center, and other local Jewish organizations to see if there is a kitchen that you can use.

-Catering Kitchens

It is not unheard of for a caterer with their own commercial kitchen to rent time to other small caterers. If you need the kitchen when the caterer is busy, however, you might be out of luck.

-Restaurant Kitchens

This isn’t an ideal option, since restaurant kitchens are usually quite busy during many hours of the day. But if you can find a restaurant that is closed during the day and only serves dinner, you might be able to do a little work in the kitchen in the morning before the cooks come in to start prepping for dinner.

-School Kitchens

It never hurts to ask. Call local schools and colleges in your area and ask if they have a commercial kitchen. Talk to the person who manages the kitchen and see if you can negotiate to work during times that the kitchen is empty or when the school was closed to students.