Fence Installation Orlando – Explained

There are a variety of reasons why electric property enclosure types are the best for your homes. You can also use such for boundaries for your domestic animals to prevent them from getting out of their cage.

You can also use this to protect your pets from dangerous predators. Electric types produce enough shock to limit anyone who attempts to cross the boundary. Installing such can be quite difficult so here is a guide to easy installation or better yet hire you a fence contractor.Fence Installation Orlando

First, source the best locations for harboring the electric controller. This shall be placed in a dry location and away from areas which can be easily perpetrated by wind and rain. The garage and the basement are most recommended. For the controller to be plugged there is a need for a polarized outlet to be near the vicinity.

Next, embed a copper or galvanized grounding rod into the ground. It must be about 6 feet in length and shall be installed around 20 feet within the vicinity of the controller location. Connect grounding wire with sufficient specifications of 600 to 20,000 volts to the controller and the grounding rod. Use a grounding clamp to keep the rod attached.

To maximize your electric fencing results, ground a couple of grounding rods just about 10 feet apart. Establish a circuit by using data chain rods. Any fence contractor will suggest this technique to get the best out of your electric property enclosure.

Now, install the posts at the perimeter of the area to be secured. Space them well at about 50 feet such that they have enough distance apart. The wire has to be kept flexible so that connection will be prevented from breaking. For quick and easier assembly, use a post pole digger.

Your posts are now installed so it’s time to install the wiring from the furthest post up to the controller. Use connections which are resistant to corrosion. Check the dimensions and know what would be the best spacing for the specific purpose you are using your electric enclosures for.

When everything’s connected, connect the wire rows to serve as your jumper. Once you have finished everything, connect the wires to the controller and to the top wire of the enclosure posts.