Features of A Stair Lift

This article provides a brief overview of the advantages that stairlifts can confer on users. Stair lifts have been around for many years in various forms; King Henry the Eighth was thought to be a user and there is some evidence that heavy lifts powered by humans and animals were employed at similar capacity from the 3rd century BC. Louisville Stairlift Solutions-Stair Lift is one of the authority sites on this topic.

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Independence & Elections

The apparent downside of stairlifts is that they send a traveler up and down steps. Beyond this solely physical advantage is their opportunity to give flexibility of option to their customers, the right to travel about their current home and making a step out optional, and the alternative of living in their home or selecting either of them.

Persons who have mobility problems frequently needed to relocate away from their original home as the stairs were too challenging to ascend or their option of new home was seriously restricted to one floor buildings.

A well tailored solution to lift the stairs can return this choice. You no longer face a move away from familiarity, friends and family, or a reduced list of accommodation options.

Stair lifts often give the user’s family a gain-peace of mind. They are great devices for health and safety, conveying a passenger safely up and down the stairs without incident.

Many lift users can move around their homes relatively easily but find the stairs just that bit more difficult, worryingly for the relatives. In older houses, stairs can be narrower and steeper, creating additional challenges for people with mobility issues, as well as further concerns for concerned relatives. A well-installed, well-maintained lift will give confidence that any time a person will comfortably take the stairs.


But how do you work with the stair lifts and what features can you expect to find on one? Obviously, the features vary from model to manufacturer, but here’s a basic run-down of some of the most useful ones you can look for.

First of all, a staircase or chair lift is very versatile and can be installed on any staircase, whether it is straight, curved, spiral or even outside. In the most simple language, a stairlift is essentially a chair that runs on a chain, pursuing exactly the path of the stairs.

The stairlifts are electric driven.

Many models these days come with a continuously charged battery back-up. This means that even in a power cut the stair lift can be used. Even though power-cuts are not common occurrences, the ability to get up the stairs is not something you can do without for stairlifts users. Bathrooms and bedrooms are sometimes situated upstairs, so any power interruptions will force the customer to wait uncomfortably.

To push the lift up and down the steps, using a hand lever, integrated joystick, or keys. If you are not on the same level as the lift for some reason-you can call it using controls either at the top or at the bottom of the staircase-a great feature to ensure you can never be stranded.

The swivel chair is an extra protection device included on certain stairlift versions. When the stairlift goes up and down the steps, it faces directly away from the ground. It turns 90 degrees and locks as the individual gets on or off the chair, so that the person can safely dismount, looking away from the stairs.