Dating Sites – Putting the Date Back in Dating

It has been a long time since their elementary school dance parties were organised by Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout. These two childhood best friends came up with their best idea so far, after 20 years of dreaming about “creating something that would smash traditions and erect something even better”: HowAboutWe, an exciting and enjoyable new way of dating. Learn more about busty las vegas escorts. presents a new method at a time when dating site clones crop up in the hundreds: instead of screening by profiles, you select individuals using a “How about we …” prototype based on their date ideas. Members still fill out profiles, but the suggested dates are all about the action. Is it possible to get better than that?

These were the most common dates on the web by the time this article went out:

— How about we … Dinner at an underground dinner club owned by a notorious hidden chef.

— How about we … Check out the Met’s scavenger hunt.

— How about we … Climb the High Line.

— How about we … Go for a stroll, sit and watch people in Union Square.

I sent a series of questions to Brian and here’s what he’s got to say.

How did you get started and what inspired the concept of a dating site focused on dates that were proposed?

For most of our lives, we’ve been best friends. We’ll talk about kindergarten. And we have always spoken about making something that would smash traditions and make something much better-much more genuine and much more enjoyable. The range of our collaborations spans 20 years-from elementary school dance parties to high school student lesson plans; after college, we were both teachers. Last August (2009), we began with HowAboutWe. We agreed that we wanted to create a big organisation that would change the lives of people and help people do what they always want to do. We had lots of suggestions, but the best one was HowAboutWe. We were both single and the second we had the idea that it was clear that the kind of platform we’d really want to use would be a site based on the dates people would want to go on.

What does HowAboutWe mean?

HowAboutWe are about adding the dating date back in. You say, “How about us …” and fill in the dots with dates that you’d enjoy going on. Dates of enchantment. Simple dates. Savage dates. Beautiful dates. We’ll give you new dates every day to match your interests. And we’re going to give the dates you recommend, of course, to people who would like them. Then you can check the profiles of people, send each other a message, and go out. We agree that people are at their best when they do stuff that they really want to do. That’s what all about HowAboutWe is.