Custom Pool Design Ideas – Some Insights

In homes around the world custom pools have become increasingly common. A custom pool is designed to the individual specifications of the homeowner and possesses the potential to transform the backyard into an art work. Here are some design ideas for homeowners searching for custom swimming pools to build. Checkout MG Pools.

Pool design and size Custom pools are not constrained by the size or shape of the pools. The regular rectangular shape, or oval, triangular, octagonal, figure-8 and novelty shapes (mermaid, dolphin, Mickey Mouse) are available. You can choose the appropriate pool size, depending on the space in your backyard. An benefit with custom pools is that even in backyards with difficult landscapes, these can be constructed. Especially gunite pools give plenty of versatility in choosing size and shape. In such pools a metal frame is attached to the concrete mix. You can also spruce your backyard with fiberglass baths, as they offer a variety of customization options.

Interior finishes An important consideration is the interior finish of your design pool, as it adds to the overall look of the pool. Attractive glass tiles and colored concrete improve the appeal of the pool, enabling you to combine the interior of the pool with the surrounding countryside. Glass tiles give an endless choice of color and design. Sea creature murals, rainbow colors, or decorative geometric patterns may be used to dress up the interior of the pool. Concrete can be colored into pattern or color mosaics. Concrete stamping helps you to choose from different textures and types, giving you uncountable choices.

Color The right hues can make the pool design and surrounding architecture come to life. The outdoor tile color can be chosen to match that of the home’s flooring. The water in the pool may be a blue shade, or a pale hue. Custom pool builders use the color theory to improve the overall esthetics of pools. To make the pool a focal point, red travertine tiles are ideal. For darker tones, black granite rims can be used while in-pool custom lighting can be employed to change the pool water to any of the seven colors of the rainbow. Mixing colors for a cohesive, modern look is also a great idea if you are unsure of whether to go glam and bold or use subdued hues.

Water features There are several water features that you can consider for your custom pool. A rock waterfall is typically used with pools that offer a tropical ambience. In waterfalls, the water cascades from above flowing down a wall to create a stunning effect. A sconce is an ornamental object mounted on the wall, from which water streams flow. In a foam jet or fountain bubbler, the water shoots upwards out of the swimming pool. A deck jet shots out streams of water from the deck right into the pool. Laminar jets produce water arcs and are typically lit using LED’s for a beautiful visual effect during nighttime. You can also choose water features based on their acoustic properties such as quiet sheetfall waterfalls or gushing rock waterfalls.