Business Law Group – Review

No enterprise should be without a qualified corporation attorney or contract lawyer. Members of a corporate law firm, or business attorneys who work on their own, can provide a range of vital services to help ensure the success of any organization, regardless of the size of the company or how long it has been open for business. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Attorney

Using Corporate Attorneys in the Launch Phase

Even in the early stages of setting up a business, the services of an expert corporate attorney are essential. Without taking the proper legal steps to set up the company, for example, there may be significant tax repercussions, limitations on how seamlessly the business can expand and grow, or potential liability for officers and owners. But by laying a solid yet flexibly adaptable legal foundation at the base or core of the new business, a corporate lawyer can establish it as a dynamic and agile enterprise from the onset. Without being hampered by legal red tape or an inappropriate corporate structure, the business can continue to grow in whatever direction it needs to in order to gain market share, increase profitability, and respond to the needs and demands of a thriving customer base.

Corporate Lawyers Provide a Variety of Services

Corporate attorneys can offer companies a wide menu of legal services. These run the gamut from setting up the corporation and applying for licenses, trademarks, and patents to overseeing taxes, labor law and workplace safety compliance. They can even advise on investments or retirement packages. With the help of a real estate lawyer, an organization can successfully lease or purchase office, retail, or warehouse space. Contract lawyers can write up agreements between investors or scrutinize loan documents with banks and other lenders. An attorney specializing in employment law can make sure that the rights of both employees and employers are protected. Likewise an intellectual property attorney can take steps to legally protect valuable proprietary information or unique products and services.

Choosing the Right Business Attorney

Selecting a business lawyer is an important decision and the process should be done with care and due diligence to ensure that the company hires the best possible business law firm. One should begin by checking credentials and asking for references from trusted colleagues or other professionals such as the company’s CPA firm or banker. Then narrow down the list of potential corporate attorneys by screening out those who may not have the background or specialization required for the particular industry. Business attorneys that handle global commerce cases, for instance, may not be the right fit for a company that doesn’t have an international presence and focuses primarily on local investment. When you meet with the prospective attorney(s), ask them about their experience as well.