Best Time To Buy Furniture

Never has right now been a better time to buy furniture. There are gems to be found in a struggling economy and furniture deals are one of them. Because this is the worst economy we have seen in a long time, furniture deals are the best they have been in a decade. Inn of Silent Music

Many furniture purchases are inspired by basic life events that include:

* Buying or selling a home
* Weddings
* Job promotions
* Births
* Holidays
* Moving
* College

The biggest life change, buying or selling a home, has come to a screeching halt for the housing industry. Houses are still being bought and sold, but not at the pace the housing, construction, mortgage loans and furniture industry had become accustomed to in previous years. Loans aren’t even being approved for people with immaculate credit, so home buying statistics are down. In relation, furniture buying is down and the retailers are fighting furiously for customers.

When banks are approving loans, they aren’t giving homebuyers that extra financial cushion to fill their new homes up with expensive furniture sets. The new homeowners are choosing to bring their old furniture from their previous homes or rental properties and furnishing their new homes. Unfortunately, furniture retailers are losing out on this deal.

Because of this, you will see the biggest opportunities for buying name brand furniture at record low prices. You don’t have to wait for the promos to go out for recliners and chairs on Mother’s and Father’s Day. You don’t have to wait for Dining Room Furniture to go down in price briefly around Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Office Furniture promotions are usually explosive during the back to school and tax season, but the industry needs your sales dollars today.

The competition between retailers used to be your biggest weapon on Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th and New Years Day. Those are the times you see all those commercials and print ads that promise to be the “biggest sales event of the season” or something along those lines.

Thanks to the economic climate, the tent sales are happening every day. You can negotiate prices in your favor. The furniture retailers know that every customer they come in contact with these days is one of the few opportunities they have. Use this as your weapon to get the biggest deal on furniture possible.