Air Conditioning –Fundamentals Explained

Imagine struggling with the crushing summer heat waves and returning home to a uniformly cooled house, that is the bliss of ducted air conditioners centrally placed.

Ducted air conditioning is the most effective way of cooling whereby with just one centrally located system, several different spaces can be cooled down. And with this one system, according to you, you can control and alter the temperature all around the space.If you are looking for more info, look at this site

The main unit of a ducted air conditioning system is mounted either in the roof, under the floor or in any other suitable location outside. The ducted air conditioners are therefore almost invisible making them perfect from an aesthetic point of view. It is the central unit that cools and distributes the air at different locations through several ducts.In addition to providing uniform temperature all around, ducted air conditioners offer features which other air conditioning systems cannot match:


The working mechanism of ducted air conditioners also involves filtration of the outside air when the inlet that has a pipe attached to it is sucked in.


Inside the fan coil has the ability to extract and remove moisture from the air which helps to regulate moisture levels on a warm day.


For year-round comfort, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is as perfect as it has the ability to cool down your home in summers and heat it in winter. This feature adds to the ultimate benefits of the ducted air conditioners and makes it an acceptable year-round option.


Ducted air conditioning is proving to be more energy-efficient as the maintenance costs for a single central unit are low compared to several AC units at one location. The ducted air conditioners and the inverter-based system continue to change the heating and refrigeration to the ambient temperature. When it reaches the target temperature it naturally retains a comfortable atmosphere around you when working more efficiently.