A Closer Look Into Purchase Satellite Imagery

Have you yet had the chance of seeing real life satellite photos? Well, in the precedent few weeks, I’ve had the delight of seeing real life satellite photos, not once, but dual times. And trust me when I say that on both occasions, I was blown away. The first time I got to see these photos was at a latest exhibition titled ‘Earth from above’, which was prearranged by a renowned French photographer, who specialized in aerial photography. spymesat

Theoretically they were not satellite photos, some of them had in fact been taken from very high above and resembled real satellite pictures. The second juncture was a direct outcome of the first as I scoured the local library for more information for the photos. I lastly found a book that was able to give me the lowdown on real satellite photos. The book opened my judgments. Till I had a chance to get interested in the subject, I had always believed that satellite pictures were photos taken by satellites or from satellites. And quite frankly, that is a designation that seems to hold good even now, after I have learned more about the photos.

Originally, these photos were taken by man made satellites that circle around the earth. The purpose was also pretty clear-cut. These images wee used for research and study of various weather phenomena. Being based on earth, there is no way that even the best of photographers can track weather. A broad range of information in the form of photos has been circulating back to earth since the launch of the first satellite. Most countries with satellites use their eye in the sky to take satellite photos of enemy mechanisms, topography information and weather surroundings in order that they could better plan their hit or security strategy. They also assist environmentalists and agriculturists to note global changes.