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Natural skin care usually refers to items defined by the absence of synthetic ingredients, such as preservatives, petrochemical equivalents, mineral oils, fragrances and harsh detergents.
Natural skin care products are usually made with natural ingredients such as plant oils, essential oils, herbal and floral extracts (both aqueous and waxy), which have been prepared in the “old fashion” manner, without chemical processing or alteration. In natural skin care, ethically manufactured animal products, such as beeswax, can also occur.Want to learn more about West Dermatology San Luis Obispo – Skin care

Natural skin care performed with licensed organically manufactured raw materials and practices can be certified organically by the organic organizations concerned.
Unfortunately, amid a thick cocktail of synthetic ingredients, there are several items on the market that claim to be either natural or cleverly advertised for their specific botanical extract or vitamin. These are Products “pseudo-natural” (1). Reading the ingredients section of the label is recommended to help explain whether a skin care product is really safe.
Why better than conventional, natural skin care?
Products made from ingredients that have been harvested naturally from sustainably preserved plants and crops manifest the essence, strength, qualities and benefits of the raw material from the source, in ways that do not require synthetic ingredients.
Simply put, the geographic location, soil and water in which the plants are grown, as well as the sun exposure, the seasons and harvesting times contribute in a specific way to the mature plants and crop yields.
In laboratory or regulated nurseries these factors can not be mimicked, as natural exposure to environmental conditions encourages the production of subtle differences in plants. These are then expressed in the nature of the oils extracted, as well as their particular structure, properties and benefits.
In addition, synthetic ingredients are manufactured in laboratories using scientific and sometimes dangerous processes that require the use of methods based on carbon dioxide, propylene glycol or hexane. Since these chemical agents may only be present in the final synthesized ingredients are small quantities, it is unknown what impact they may have when they accumulate in our bodies over a prolonged exposure period.
Of course, the natural extraction methods used in their preparation can also influence or destabilize some of the natural extracts and oils. Of these purposes, manufacturers of natural skin care products pay considerable consideration to the origin of their raw materials and how the latter are made from natural ingredients.