Wedding Cake Trends

The common picture of typical wedding cakes is almost a cliche: tier upon tier or rock solid white icing, enclosing a fluffy fruit cake, a miniature bride and groom perched on top. The cake is sliced ceremoniously and then not any of the guests even consume it, already sitting with the sumptuous feast of the wedding. Visit the Emicakes Store at Singapore In South Africa, the current theme in wedding cakes is to see the conventional cake left behind by the innovative or elegantly designed version.

Modern bridal couples are considering twice before blowing the budget on an overwhelming conventional wedding cake that, save for the photographer, would go unpleased. After all it sure does create a stunning model! Alternatively, they select their favorite flavors and create luscious desserts that demand to be eaten: thick truffle chocolate desserts, light sponges with delicious fillings, spicy carrot cakes, these should substitute the typical rich fruit recipe as the foundation, maybe with each tier a new flavor to tease the guests with options.

When it comes to frosting you may not have to stick to the traditional white fondant any more. Creative cake makers will go crazy with concept and produce stunning cake finishes that suit your wedding theme with all kinds of colours. The cake may be coated in roses, filled in diamonds and gems, or swathed in decadent icing with chocolate. It that make it difficult to pick a wedding cake, but the cake at the wedding reception will become a proud centrepiece, an example of your own personality and creativity.

At less structured weddings certain bridal couples leave the wedding cake entirely. Instead, they may order grades of exquisite cupcakes, delivered in a similar lined configuration, but simple to send away to guests separately, either as part of the dessert or when they depart. Another choice is individually wrapped brownies in chocolate offered as wedding favours. Nowadays there’s plenty of space on your wedding day to add your own taste and no reason to adhere to the old customs … And of course you want rich fruit cake!

There are tons to pick from of professional South African wedding cakes suppliers. They also have their own unique cake design designs and special recettes of their own. The only challenge is that buying a beautiful wedding cake brings to the bride’s wedding preparation one more challenging choice: what color, what taste, what icing, what baker?

A tiny aspect of the wedding celebration may be the cake, but it is an significant one. Your friends will recall a wonderful, perfectly crafted cake and it will definitely include pictures of your wedding. So take time to pick and order your wedding cake and make sure it represents your theme and creativity, as well as stunning taste.