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 Water filtration gets a lot of attention these days, as we are all becoming more aware of the presence of environmental toxins and their negative effects on human health. The prevalence of bottled water is a prime example of people’s concern about the purity of the water they consume. Pristine

What might be alarming to many, though, is that the bottled water business is not well-regulated, and much of it is no healthier than plain, unfiltered tap water. To make things worse, average tap water tests positive for multiple health-threatening contaminants. Installing water filters in your home can help you be sure that your water is free of dangerous chemicals.

Water filtration systems vary in price and effectiveness. To find out about a system’s specific performance in removing various toxins, check out its Performance Data Sheet that certifies which certifies the types of contaminants the system is capable of removing from your water. If this data sheet is not available with the water filtration system you are considering, it should be easy to find on the manufacturer’s website. Companies supplying a high-quality product should be proud to share with you the effectiveness of the system they sell.

When researching water filtration systems, you should know that removing everything from water is not necessarily the best thing. Adequate water filtration means that the unhealthy chemicals and organisms are removed from the water, leaving beneficial minerals. Minerals are naturally present in water, and to remove them may keep your body from getting what it needs. Distilled water, for example, that has no mineral content at all, is believed to cause mineral deficiencies and other health problems in those who drink it long-term.

On the other hand, water coming directly from wells can have such a high mineral content that the water affects skin and hair texture and stains clothing in the washing machine. Using a water filtration system that helps you find a healthy balance of minerals in your water is best.

Water filtration can be accomplished at either of two locations in your home: at the point where it enters the home, and at the point or points where it is used by members of the household. Since the water comes into your home at one point and then spreads to outlets through the house, you might consider installing a water filtration system for your entire home. But you should consider that some of the contaminants in your water, specifically lead and vinyl chloride, can come from the pipes in your home.

For the most effective water filtration, you should install individual filters at each of the faucets and shower heads. Remember that water in the bathroom is often consumed, and the water we bathe in should also be as clean as the water we drink. In fact, it is said that the body can absorb more unhealthy chemicals from water through the skin than through consumption by drinking. And during a hot shower, many dangerous chemicals are released in the water vapor that you breathe. To make sure that you protect yourself against all possible entries of water toxins, you should consider installing filters on all faucets and shower heads in your home.