TMS Clinic – Guidelines

There are days when you feel totally unstoppable-ready to take your superhuman strength and zeal upon the earth. But you still face those days when things aren’t normal-something unexplainable is happening, and you don’t find the missing piece of puzzle. You are vulnerable to unexpected bursts of rage, extreme mood swings or unjustifiable depression on days like these. In short, it’s depression that you suffer.You can get additional information at FLORIDA TMS CLINIC-TMS Therapy

Depression is something of a “common cold” of the mind-in most cases the cause behind catching it is trivial, but getting rid of the cold becomes very difficult. Recent reports suggest that nearly 50 million Americans suffer a daily dose of depression. This is the reason why both the production and the purchasing of anti-depressant medicines have increased significantly. However, it is unknown to most customers that these medications are not only unable to show a long-term relief, but have an adverse effect on overall well-being as well.

What’s the alternative, then? There are many ways to your relief that can help you overcome depression without using medications.

# 1. No. Regular exercise: It may be the most regular advice you’ll hear. That does not mean, however, that the statement contains something false. Regular exercise is in fact very effective in dealing with low to mild depression. Exercising regularly increases serotonin levels and improves serotonin neuron firing rates. That does not mean you’re going to train as if you’re getting ready for a marathon. Free-hand and light-weight routine workouts are nice to go for around 30-40 minutes.

# 2. No. Good diet: Tryptophan increases brain serotonin levels. The increased serotonin level tends to make a person’s mood less irritable and more accommodating. In fact, it also tends to alleviate the restlessness, insomnia and anxiety problems. Some of the popular foods rich in tryptophan include chicken, turkey, lamb, halibut, salmon, soybeans, spinach, and asparagus. Be sure that each of those items are included in your daily diet.

# 3. Think about it. Be More Outgoing: Sunlight exposure works fantastically to improve your health, happiness and productivity. Sunlight has been discovered to increase serotonin levels. Perhaps the most effective cure in times when you’re suffering from unexplained depression is to get out of your home.

# 4. No. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: First introduced in 1985, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS in short). During the course of the therapy, doctors placed a magnetic coil on the patient’s scalp that has depression. It creates a magnetic field which enters the brain when the rapid alternating current passes through the coil. The short and concentrated magnetic pulses are aimed at a very small region and thus the therapy is without using sedation. The focus of the magnetic pulses is to increase brain serotonin levels, thus improving mood.

Due to the rapid lifestyle of modern society, mood disorders , especially depression, have become very common occurrences. Trying to depend solely on medications and medication is never really safe, and so you have to hold these four points in mind to have a happy and balanced mind all day long.