The Perfect Way to Protect Yourself While Having Sex on Period

If you’re looking for the best way to protect yourself when you’re having sex on time, then you’re going to want to read what I’m writing.If you’re looking for more tips, Watch Daynia Online has it for you.

So essentially, when having sex on a day, security consists of various kinds of questions that can come to your mind. For example, usually something about preventive and pregnancy tests, birth control, risk of sexual diseases, etc. First of all, let me answer your most popular sex question on period-Can I get pregnant over period. Yeah, there’s a chance you might become pregnant during your period. However, during times these chances of pregnancy are usually small but they are. If during your time you had unprotected sex, then the safest thing is to take a pregnancy test.

You can use a birth control too. Sperm will live inside you for up to 5 days. If you have a short cycle, you can ovulate shortly afterwards, or even in your lifetime. During your time, the sperm from sex in your tubes or uterus will enter the egg and fertilize it within five days. If you usually have a long period, don’t presume that you’ll be okay. When you want to prevent abortion using condoms only.

The most important thing you need to know about this is to practice safe sex. The chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is often present during menstruation and is, in addition, marginally more probable due to the involvement of blood and further enhanced due to the rubbing and temporary harm to your vagina’s walls by the use of tampons.

Now that I discussed all the topics from the point of view of my doctor, from a man’s point of view, I need to tell you something more. 🙂 It is well understood that sex can be very messy during the time, and that not everyone would be pleased with the idea of having sex with you while you bleed. You may not like it, either.

Why do I better my sex-life and my relationship? Which is the best answer in my time for spicing up my relationship?

I can hear you ask. Okay, the answer is simple-a blowjob.

People during periods do not love blood and sex, but they certainly love blowjobs. So, now is the best time to use this knowledge to make him fall in love with you and blow his mind. You will absolutely 100 percent certainly seduce him by giving him awesome eyes. Trust me.:) The most important thing is that you can quickly learn how to give your man the head to be amazing. There’s plenty of information about how to give head over the internet, but none of them really reach the most important parts of it. It’s not complicated, as long as you want to put some effort into it. How are porn stars offering the very best head? For the most practice they’ve had.

Some things work and some things don’t. The first thing I can tell you the best, is to stop thinking. Yeah, please stop being concerned. Yeah, that might be a bad blowjob. Yeah, you might be messing up, but being anxious and confused about it won’t do anything to help. Your man will appreciate the effort as long as you’re trying to improve.

Look, you have to really LOVE to give hands. Adjust your mindset to let him have oral pleasure. Of course you seem to like it a lot more when you’re good at it. And believe me you will love it once you get good at blowjobs. However, obviously, once you have loved it-fake it.

So please forget stuff like “he’s not going to repsect you” This is crazy. He would love every single piece of you, because you put in the extra effort to satisfy him.