The Different Types of Pool Tables

Once you have decided to get yourself a great billiards pool table, the next question probably would be which one? There are so many different choices available in the market that you will be confused with all of them. You may know that a standard pool table usually measures 96 inches in length. However, what make these tables different from one another are other factors like color of the cloth, style of the table, and wood type.Do you want to learn more? visit this link

Let us start from the length of the table. There are two different types of pool to consider. You need a table which is 7 ft to 9 ft long for American pool. However in case of English pool, you need a shorter table at only 6 ft to 7 ft in length. The size of the table you require also depends upon the size of your room. To encourage players to move about, add 10 feet to each side of the table and that will help determine exactly how big a table you like.

The next big decision is about the kind of table you like, including refurbished tables, design tables, company tables, coin operated tables etc. They have even broader choices regarding the table designed content for commercial purposes. Clearly the solid wood tables are the greatest choice and they can last for long. We always send you the inimitable end. Nonetheless, you can go for the cheaper mica laminate or vinyl melamine coating tables if you have budget constraints. The only concerns with these are that you get a few color choices and they get rusty very quickly as well.

You have the veneer laminate tables that come with or without wood framing if you want something in between these two extremes. They are laminated over layers of solid wood, MDF or particle board in a broad variety of colors. The preference of pool table material is also dictated by where you would like to put it. If you want to play your games outside the home, then the best choice would be the outdoor type of pool table. Such kinds of tables are also usually multifunctional.

Getting the game room completely fitted for family and friends is a perfect way to make the most of this holiday. A great addition to your recreational activities would be the pool table and billiards. Just stick to something that can fit into your pocket and you’ll have a great time with your own pool equipment and billiards!