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Furnace Service – It’s That Time Again                                      

There is no better time to have your furnace serviced than the start of fall. Most companies that provide furnace service find that the average customer is waiting for that to be done until the first few cold days. That could have been a mistake!

Tim Swan, from Swan Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Collins, CO, is my local HVAC go-to expert here in Northern Colorado. He says his employees have the time to conduct furnace inspections in the fall. His service teams now have the time, with air conditioning season over and heating season still around the corner. But once the cold weather arrives, a backlog of customers starts who require furnace service or even furnace repair.If you are looking for more tips, check out Kent Furnace Repair.

If you have a newer furnace, which is one built in the last ten years, you also don’t need anything done. If you are diligent to change your filters in a timely fashion, it is likely that your furnace is in a decent form. With the high-tech and electronics that new furnaces now have, they monitor themselves pretty much differently.

The key thing to look at during a call for service is the flame indicator, at least for most newer furnaces. There will also be good service tech testing the burners. But because they typically work in a closed environment, they ‘re just not getting as dirty as they’re used to.

As for the blower, the gas valve and the safety controls, they now form part of a circuit board that tracks their performance. If a question occurs with either of these, the furnace will be shut down. Therefore, many service techs are of the opinion that you don’t really need furnace service as much as in the past.

However one thing to consider: consider the environment in which your furnace performs. If there is much dust, or animal hair, or other elements that can affect the performance of the furnace, it should be checked and serviced more frequently. That may mean cold-weather season at the beginning and halfway through.

Because of some unfortunate circumstances involving carbon monoxide poisoning in Colorado homes, you should always make sure your furnace is properly serviced. Swan says virtually every gas furnace produces a certain amount of carbon monoxide. Over the venting system, it is usually taken out of the home.

A newer energy-efficient furnace will produce less carbon monoxide, and will shut down automatically if a problem arises. Older furnaces or a furnace that is not being serviced in due time will produce deadly quantities. It is very dangerous, because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. It may not only cause flu-like symptoms and disorientation, but it may also be deadly. It is therefore wise to equip your home with a carbon monoxide detector and alarm, too.