Merritt Supply- A Closer Look

Without proper accessories, your yacht, boat, canoe or cruiser is incomplete. This comes in the wake of growing awareness about safety while traveling by boat. According to Boating Association in America the law concerning boating states that each boat must have a life jacket and other safety requirements. Have a look at Merritt Supply for more info on this.

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Living inside a boat is an experience which one cannot afford to miss. It is a unique traveling knowledge that involves adventure as well as visiting people and places. However, without adequate supplies of food, water and other cabin storage materials safety by traveling by these means of transportation can be dangerous as well as arduous.

Clocks, barometers, flags, seat cushions, seating and storage materials are some of the boating essentials.

-Clocks and GPS

Clocks & barometers along with Global positioning systems are important requirements if you intend for a long journey. A GPS will help you to know the positioning and timing with regards to where people are. With the help of GPS it becomes easier for the coast guard or the police to locate lost ships and vessels and plan a rescue operation.

-Seating Accessories

For comfort improve the seating accessories. Position them in the right place to enhance the boating experience. Reupholster seat cushions are the best suited ones. They will provide extra comfort both at the decks as well as at the cabins. While installing cushions, make sure that the cushions that are brought are dew and water resistant.

As water is in proximity while cruising there is every chance that they might be damaged from wet conditions. Replacing them with other could be an exhausting process. So buy quality seating materials for comfortable ride.

-Communication Radio

A communication radio and a first aid kit will complete the safety requirements for a voyage. Prolonged proximity to sea might cause sea sickness like dehydration and vomiting. A first aid kit is necessary to solve such conditions. A communicative radio becomes important in cases of estrangement in sea. A radio is essential for communication with a nearby harbor or the security guard. It could also draw signals from nearby cruisers, thereby helping the crew to call out for help.

-Food and Water supplies

Adequate food and water storage is necessary in boating. Fresh water especially is an essential supply. Without water people could be easily drained out of energy. So there should be enough supply to last till the duration of the trip. Get food stuff that does not need to be kept cool so as to be preserved.

This is because if you are traveling at day, then there is every chance for the food to get warm with the heat of the sun. Shortage of water in the body would result in dehydration. But do not store contaminated water or sea water. Drinking sea water might result in dehydration, thirst, loss of appetite and dry skin.

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-Construction and Safety

Always keep a flag. This is required for additional protection. In case you are abandoned, flags will come handy as a symbol for distress. Flags are one of the ancient modes of communication when it comes to boating and it still finds a place in the modern era. Select a flag that is strikingly in contrast with the color, blue, which will help a passing boat or airliner to take notice of the abandoned boat in the sea.

The buildup of the boat is as important as the supplies that you carry. Special care should be taken to boat vents & deck plates that are prominent working parts of the boat. Good quality vents should be selected for removing dampness, heat and bad odor. Excess amount heat will cause damage to surface and boat color.