Life of a Bodybuilder – Some Interesting Facts

Knew that bodybuilders need to eat more than 1 g of protein per pound of body weight? Or that they have to eat every two or three hours? check it out Did you know they’re going to the gym a lot but you might be shocked by how long they’re staying in the gym and what they’re doing there? I figured I’d write a short post that would shed some light on a few things bodybuilders are doing.

Most people think that bodybuilders or bodybuilding is a cruel sport full of big, stupid and arrogant oafs who attempt to make up for something and bring a severe inferiority complex with them. Did you see the workout facility Planet Workout recently slam to bodybuilders? We view someone with big muscles in it as dim-witted goofs. Ok, maybe some are like this but many people in all walks in life can say the same.

A bodybuilder has an incessant desire to work his body, to shape his body if you like, turning resistance training into an art work. A strong, chiseled body, perfect in shape and proportion and based on a balanced diet. A bodybuilder diet is pretty good indeed. It contains low fat, high protein, complex carbohydrates, and plant tons. All food is cooked to perfection with no salt or fats added. Eating on may not be the most thrilling diet but the body department serves them well.

Frequent bodybuilding myths: #

1-The bodybuilder goes to the gym all day, and almost every weekday. That just isn’t true. Most serious pro bodybuilders and hobbyists will go to the gym anywhere from 3-5 days a week and usually for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes at a time if they’re training alone. They have learned a long time ago that if you train past this point, the body releases cortisol and is simply using your new hard-earned muscle for fuel instead of carbs or fat as it should. Train an hour, head home … Wake up. Grow up.

2-The big bodybuilders are all on the water. Not so. Through recent developments in nutrition and a deeper general understanding of the body’s muscle growth and health functions, natural athletes have gained new ground in muscular development.

3-Bodybuilders go to the gym and work out their whole body during the workout. Usually, it goes like this; go to the gym, work out your shoulder, and maybe one part of your arm (either the bicep or the triceps), strike it from every possible angle. Perform a minimum of 30 sets of exercises. Go home. So go home. Come back after that the next day or day, do your legs, go home etc. This is rising the fuck out of your muscles.

4 -If they stop working out, all the muscle will turn to fat. Not real again. Can not transform to fat first off muscle. It is it, and muscle. Many bodybuilders still maintain the bulk of their muscle forever. If it’s rising it stays. Sure they might be smaller. Muscle will shrink but how much remains forever will shock you. Normally, you’ll only get overweight by eating with inactivity.

Here are some other, interesting facts. When you’re sleeping your muscle grows. Working out with heavy lifting at the gym will break down your muscle. The bodybuilder goes home and eats properly, and then the muscles develop to compensate for the lift while getting res (especially sleep). Another fascinating thing is that a typical natural bodybuilder only puts on 8 lbs. Each year, from the muscle into his body. Sure, there are a few lifter accounts that raise 20-30 lbs. A year but first off it isn’t all muscle and second, some bodybuilders are improved and they get a little support with a needle. In a lifting life a natural bodybuilder can gain up to 25 or even 30 pounds of muscle. And believe it or not, it seems a lot of muscle. Enormous, strong, heavy, dense muscle packed into a frame. Only think of a 175 lb. Small man and talk of him at 205 lb now. Or even more if genetics come into play, and proper preparation.