Indoor Air Quality: At A Glance

Ever wondering why children seem to have more colds, runny noses, allergies, etc. Yeah, common sense tells you that whether they’re in nurseries, nursery or regular school every day, there’s a decent amount of other kids around them, so that’s probably where they get some of it from. And this, in many cases, is real. What many parents don’t know is that what sometimes causes your children (and other children) to catch colds and pass them on to others is the same problem that affects other adults: poor air quality indoors. Learn more on A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.

Poor indoor air quality, without a top-rated air filtration system in place, has been shown to cause not only increased colds , flu, and allergies, but also other more serious illnesses, so much so that the EPA has placed poor indoor air quality in the top five major health threats. And it makes sense that this will affect the health of our children, as it also affects adults who breathe the same air. Why are the adults not getting sick as often as the children do? The primary explanation for this is that our immune systems are stronger.

The good news is we might do something there. Studies have shown that cleaning up the indoor air in our homes can dramatically reduce the incidence of colds , flu, allergies , asthma and many other conditions, so it makes sense that if our children breathe the same air as we are, removing the pollutants and improving the indoor air quality in our homes can help them reduce disease and improve their overall quality. And when you remove pollutants from the air such as dust, dust mites, mold spores, smoke, chemicals, etc., this actually removes things that tend to pull the immune system down, so having an air purifier or air cleaner system in place can work to strengthen the immune system and make it less likely that they will get sick when they’re around other children with colds , flu, etc.

The top-rated electronic air purifiers of today are very effective and can do an outstanding job of cleaning up the air-if you buy a top-rated air purifier. Why top ratings? You only want top-rated air cleaners because they include filtration systems with HEPA air filters, activated carbon filters, healthy negative ionic systems and more designed to clean the air in your home effectively. And not all the best air purifiers, or home air filtration systems, are the most costly. We’ve found several brands of electronic air purifiers that offer all the latest air purification technology at a cheap price. Beware of cheap air purifiers, however, because most genuinely ‘cheap’ air purifiers aren’t made with the same quality materials, don’t have true HEPA filters, and you will usually have to buy a new air purifier within one year. Cheap air cleaners also appear to allow dirty air to bypass the filters more than highly rated air cleaners. This ensures that more dirty air is blowing around than it would if you didn’t have an air cleaner, which may potentially make the condition of the indoor air worse.

Your best choice is to buy a top rated air purifier or filtration device that handles the amount of square footage in your home or space, one that is AHAM certified for that room size. This ensures that the device is accredited and checked so that it can efficiently clean the air in the home or region of that scale. And this means that it will do a decent job of keeping allergy, asthma, and disease-causing pollen, mold spores, bacteria , viruses, etc. out of the eyes of your kids and keeping them safe and happier for longer periods. Then, you ‘re going to get the advantage because you’re not going to catch too many colds , flu, or struggle with allergies as much, either-that means lower prescription prices, less medical visits and more. And because your kids don’t get sick as much as they do, they are less likely to infect other kids too. As you can see, not only can top-rated home air filtration systems boost safety, but they can also save you time and money in the long run.