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The best manifestations of The Digital Era are e-newspapers and e-magazines, or better regarded as Electronic Newspapers and Magazines. The Modern Transition, or also known as The Third Technological Revolution, is the development in technology from traditional computer and mechanical instruments to the interactive infrastructure that is readily accessible today. The period started during the 1980s, and persists to this day. The combined revolution of electronic devices and the internet has enabled people to accomplish tasks quicker and easier, depending on their availability.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Golden State Online California Technology

The move, which paved the way for the Knowledge Age, has provided access to every news story or magazine clipping. E-newspapers and e-magazines combined with enhanced animation and graphic design offer both appeal and convenience.

The digitization of newspapers and magazines provides numerous benefits, such as: easier scanning of news story or magazine clipping using keywords. Multiple readers can access one single digitized article at the same time. It can also be easily shared by sending it as a file via email; the file can also be saved on a hard drive or online data storage, so no need to keep a hard copy that will eventually fade in time and could possibly be bulky e.g. magazine stacks or newspapers, contract files or account statements. Digitization also saves resources, as presentations are no longer needed to be printed out as they can be displayed on a projector via a laptop and viewed on a tablet. Children in school no longer need to bring lots of heavy books as they begin to be trained on how to use e-books and kindle them … All of this, plus more.

E-newspapers and e-magazines are helpful to busy professionals in their respective fields who need to keep track of the latest social updates in their personal lives or corporate events. It is the most inexpensive and fastest source of freely available and usable knowledge. You may access any news story at any moment, anytime, with a specific case, date, or location. The convenience has made it even more popular and favorable for e-newspapers and e-magazines. Today it has been the majority’s first preference to check for knowledge online.

With digitized newspapers and magazines, you don’t have to wait past your doorway for your regular newspaper distribution or monthly enterprise or leisure magazine subscription. Online platforms and formats are available to purchase. At the press of your mouse you can now catch up with the latest happenings.