Getting Compensation For Personal Injuries

When you suffer a personal injury, your life will be totally ruined. Physically, you can find yourself unable to go to work. Owing to whiplash, your leg may be fractured, your neck may be in a brace, or your fingers may be crushed by a building accident. What are you going to do then? Learn more by visiting The Chicago Law Network.

You can not be able to perform your normal duties, even though you can get yourself to work, as you did before. If your boss is unsympathetic, impatient or simply desperate to make others do the work you usually do, you can end up losing your job through no fault of your own.

And of course there is always the outrageous cost of medical care provided by your accident. Many people who are injured not only can not make a living, but are forced to use what money they do have to pay for the medical costs, medications and surgery they may need.

How does a person get support to bring their life back together in this situation? The legal theory widely recognised is that if you have been injured because of the negligence of someone else, then that person or party may be held liable for compensating you for your financial damages due to that injury.

But seldom is it that easy. It is not without its issues to sift through the specifics of such cases. Thankfully, a personal injury attorney may be hired. These individuals are experts who can protect your interests and assist you with obtaining financial help to pay for your rehabilitation. Just as essential, when you work your way through your injury, you will have a friend willing to provide support and motivation.

Not every case of accident will be granted compensation by the courts. Usually, before seeking to recover costs or get compensation from another entity, there are at least three questions that have to be addressed. The three questions are: has an real physical injury occurred? Have you received medical attention because of the injury? Whose fault was the trauma?

If you answer these questions truthfully and believe you might have a case you should get your case reviewed by an experienced personal injury lawyer. A good attorney for personal injury will start by confirming that your case is indeed eligible. Your lawyer will ask you questions such as, “Are any bones broken?”, “Did you lose consciousness at the time of the injury?”, “Did you experience recurrent symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, a sore or stiff neck?” to get a better understanding of the essence of the degree of the injury?

But, from a legal point of view , the most important question is the question of negligence. If you are injured directly due to your own carelessness you will almost never be liable for compensation. Similarly, you would not have much of a claim for compensation if the accident is the result of a purely natural occurrence-such as being struck by lightning.

But if your injury was directly caused by another person or party-for example if your injury resulted from your employer not maintaining a safe work environment, or your car mechanic not adequately fastening a wheel on your car-then you have a good chance of being successful in a personal injury claim.