For A Slipped Disc-For Spinal Rejuvenation

Advances in spinal manipulation today have shown promising results of patients with disc herniation and degenerative disks. One such treatment, being increasingly advertised, is non-surgical decompression, which has brought initial relief for many with debilitating back pain. Decompression / traction, however, often only brings temporary results, as gravity will continue to re-compress the structurally weakened disk and injured spinal areas over time. Subluxation, abnormal spinal angles, and loss of normal spinal lordotic curves will gradually collapse once more with gravity. I received patients or had patients coming back to me who spent thousands of dollars on decompression therapy only to have their problem and return pain within three to six months. I started calling this Failure Decompression Syndrome, or F.B.D.S.!More info Treatment For A Slipped Disc – North East Connected

Understanding the muscles help and hold the spinal curves is very necessary. The postural deterioration of natural lordotic curves of the cervical and lumbar spine triggers ninety percent of disc disorders. Therefore, without postural curve adjustment of muscle reconstruction, the benefits of decompression / traction will be lost over time and the degenerative cycle will push forward once again. To permanently correct the lumbar spine, the normal lordotic curve of the cervical spine must be corrected by at least 60 per cent. That is why decompression of the lumbar disk is performed for many acute lumbar disc cases only during the episode of acute pain. Once pain reduction occurs, the patient is then decompressed to correct and restore the cervical curve, the original cause, from the cervical spine down. In other words, to stabilize and enhance the benefits of lumbar spinal decompression, you must fix the neck with postural rehab and curve correction!

The Chiropractic Spinal Rejuvenation Pettibon System goes beyond simple decompression using the Spinal Rejuvenation Table (SRT), using Whole Body Vibration (WBV). With higher muscle contractility occurring with WBV, muscle tiredness occurs 50 percent faster allowing relaxation of spasm and splinted muscles, allowing for faster decompression of the compressed disk and greater pain relief. This essentially reduces the decompression time from standard 30 minutes of traditional methods with the use of WBV, to 15 minutes or less. In the Soviet Union over 40 years ago, Whole Body Vibration was developed to train their Olympic athletes and rehabilitate cosmonauts returning from outer space, who commonly suffered muscle atrophy and bone loss from zero gravity. WBV has been shown to increase the endocrine activity with the correct vibratory frequency. Growth hormone increased by 361%, testosterone increased by 7%, cortisol, stress hormone fat decreased by 32%, blood flow increased by 100% and back pain decreased by 66%.