Filing For Wrongful Death Claims

If you know someone that has experienced a wrongful death you can pursue monetary compensation for your suffering.Wrongful Death Claims In Michigan: Who Can File A Claims And How To Choose Your Attorney

A WD claim is different when compared to a normal negligence case. It is different because WD is usually only claimed by the surviving family members of the deceased party. A WD is set up this way so that the person that is deceased can receive justice and the negligent party can be held responsible. Since, obviously, the deceased party cannot file the claim any longer. But, there are a few elements that must be fulfilled in order to consider it a WD claim.

But keep in mind, every state has a time limit on which you can file a WD claim. The length of time can vary for each state; some ranging from one to three years. Many times there are also different elements in deciding the time limit of a wrongful death. In some states, wrongful death is considered to begin immediately following the death of the victim. But in other states, WD time can start when the cause of death is discovered; sometimes referred to as the “discovery” rule.

The death of the person was the result of the defendant’s negligent actions or misconduct.
The defendant has to also be liable for the victim’s death, either wholly or partially.
There are surviving children, spouse, or any other beneficiaries.
There has been some sort of monetary damage that resulted from the death of the person.
There are many circumstance where a wrongful death could occur. But it is best to look over your case with an attorney beforehand to see if you have a strong case for a wrongful death claim. It may be difficult to make that decision if you are still grieving over your loved one’s death, so finding legal counsel is the best option. Here are only a few of the following situations that can be the cause of a wrongful death:
Criminal behavior
Airplane accidents
Car accidents
Medical malpractice
Hazardous work conditions
Death during any other supervised activity