Ducted (HVAC) Air Conditioning Essential Maintenance

There is very little maintenance needed for dug air conditions. Below are the few things you need to do with your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner as regards routine maintenance.
The broad grille (usually located in the hallway) is the return air grille. It has to be washed about every 6 months (or earlier if it easily gets dirty). To remind you of this, some controllers put a philtre on the screen every 6 months or so.
Take a look at the site here You need to pull the clips back or turn a screw to clean the philtre and the grille can swivel down. You can then vacuum the philtre while still in the grill, or remove the philtre and then vacuum or soapy water to clean. If you are washing with soapy water, try not to dry out in the sun because this will cause the philtre to warp. ducted aircon in perth WA
When the philtre has been washed it won’t have to be washed again for another 6 months. However, if the air conditioner’s return air grille becomes noisier than normal, or if the air conditioner cools / heats less than normal, it is a clear indication that the philtre needs a clean one.
The air-conditioning unit ‘s exterior portion is essentially maintenance-free. You’ll find water leaking from the machine drains but this is an indication that the air conditioner is working properly. Keep fans free of debris and sticks and consider applying an outdoor spray or film to slow down rust if you live in a coastal city. You should consult with the manufacturer before adding any chemicals however.
Other than this the system of air conditioning is maintenance-free. It is however advisable as a precaution to have somebody inspect the device every 4 to 5 years to check for any significant wear and tear.