Details on Active fire protection vs passive fire protection

Residential or commercial, the threat of fire is as real as any other natural calamity. It is unpredictable, and life threatening but you can put in place robust fire protection system to Control a fire or reduce the damage, if a fire erupts. Pan Gulf products has a complete range in its fire protection product catalogue for industries; Sprinkler system, Deluge systems, Fire pump sets, Hydrant, Hose reels and Hose Racks, and Portable Extinguishers, about his.

In this article we will focus upon the Sprinkler systems and accessories category of Pan Gulfs Products from which you can choose for the best fit for your industry. The sprinkler systems all over the world are regarded as the first line of defense against a possible fire. To prevent a fire spread into large area sprinkler system provides instantaneous help. Mounted on walls or installed in the ceilings, sprinklers are the most effective tools in dousing a fire and are successful in preventing a fire taking a monstrous shape.

Gate Valves: These valves are used when you need unregulated flow, because such valves can either be closed or open, opening them mid-way can cause the systems to be ineffective. Pan Gulf products market several types of Gate valves, one such valve is R 2360 manufactured by Mueller. This gate valve is designed with wedge iron casting and encapsulated in an elastomeric coating to make it more resistant to wear and tear.

Foam Sprinklers: This type of sprinklers use a combination of water and foam to subdue a fire. Such sprinklers are ideal for situations where only water can cause more harm, for example if fire has broken in an area where there are Hydrocarbons stored

Water Sprinklers: Like initial response team, water sprinklers spray water droplets to control the spreading of fire, they are not effective in extinguishing the fire but act as a tool to stop the fire from spreading. These types of sprinklers are most suitable for installation where the equipment can get damage by both fire and water.

Wet Alarm Check Valves: Designed to activate an alarm, wet alarm check valves can be used with water spray or wet pipe sprinklers system. These valves can be both with fresh water or a combination of fresh water and foam.

Pressure Reducing Valve: Pressure reducing valves work to reduce the pressure levels for sprinklers system and to bring it down to the acceptable limit with the help of an in-built diaphragm mechanism. Choosing right kind of valve is very important to ensure that the installed sprinkler system works as expected.

Besides these this products like check valves, strainers, flow meter, sprinklers cabinets, pressure relief valve, ball valves etc. which you can install at your industrial site as part of fire protection initiative. All these products are at par with international standards, and all these products can be customized to fit specific needs of your industry.