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What to Look for in a New Hot Tub or Spa

The challenge can be daunting when you are searching for your first hot tub. It’s hard to tell the difference between quality just often by looking at them and every hot tub company can tell you that their spa is the better option. When you’re faced with flashing lights, loads of jets and splashing waterfalls, how do you know what’s important and what’s just … bling? Learn more by visiting KB Custom Pools.

Fountains and Class Lighting

First, why would you like a hot tub, and how do you plan to use it? Most of us think first about the hot water and jets. Next, comfortable seats, after a long day of relaxing alone, spending time with loved ones or having great conversations with friends. This is a great starting-point!

  1. Warm water. You want the best, most reliable heaters available on the market. Cheap tubs have cheap heaters. Does that make sense, doesn’t it? Sundance builds the spas with Titanium Core heaters. They last a long time, they are very resistant to corrosion and have low energy use due to direct contact with the water and heating. Ask questions about what type of heater is inside the tub, what it is made of, and how long the warranty is!
  2. Jets!-Jets! When it comes to jets, it’s easy to believe more is better but that’s not real! The faster the jets. Think about it this way: would you prefer an hour-long massage from someone who has no idea what they’re doing, or a 30-minute massage from a specialist who knows all the right techniques? Much the same idea! On cheap spas, and even some expensive ones, you’re looking at jets with bearings (which will wear down and fall out), and you’re looking at jets that aren’t actually located on your muscle groups-they’re placed randomly or in pretty patterns. Sundance Spas is the only company with BEARINGLESS jets (nothing to wear down or break), and we have also positioned each jet over a large group of muscles to give you the best possible massage.
  3. Comfy your chairs! Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or having fun with family and friends, you want to be comfortable! Sundance Spa’s ergonomic seating design will keep you relaxed! They are shaped to follow the natural shape of your body, and the seats will be arranged for an intimate setting or a chat with friends, depending on the hot tub model you choose.

Now …. now we’re going to talk about all the stuff you probably don’t think about being important in your hot tub — and believe me, these matters!

  1. Your hot tub Heart and Soul-the Filtration System. Yup, this is OK! Without a great system of filtration, you’ll spend more time trying to keep your tub and water clean than just enjoy it. The best filters on the market are those that are horizontally mounted in the hot tub, and those with MicroClean technology-and Sundance is the only one that has them! Licensed by the FDA and accredited by NSF, this is the way forward. Cut down on chemical use, keep your family safe and have beautiful, sparkling clean water!
  2. The company that you are going to buy from and get service from. Extremely significant! Check out these on the website of the Better Business Bureau. Do they have any complaints regarding service? Check any reviews on Google, Angie’s List, etc. Converse with friends who have hot tubs or spas. Many companies pay for great advertising and expensive flashy signs to get you in the door …. but after the purchase, they really fall short. You want a business that has been around for years, that has a knowledgeable sales force that cares for YOU, and that has a trained team of technicians who can keep you in charge. Ignore your gut feeling and go * LIKE * with a business that you really do. This you will never regret.