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Need To Know More About Elite Vinyl Design

7 Why Wrap Your Car

Price: A high quality paint job will vary between $2,000-$10,000 depending on the color, paint shop, and paint condition. Reputable mounted vinyls with the highest quality materials will cost $500-$3,000 + and will have a life expectancy of 5-8 years depending on vinyl. For a fraction of the paint cost, you can choose to seal the car for as long or as little as you like. If you’re looking for more tips, Elite Vinyl Design has it for you.

Resale Value: Having the original paint from the suppliers would maintain the resale value unchanged over a devalued exotic hue. When, for example, the business or choice is a vivid exotic colour, it might not be the prospective customers’ preferred colour. Holding the original factory hue on the cars would help you to retain the resale value intact.

Countless Options: By buying your vehicle you may have wanted something different, or possibly a color that isn’t available in factory paint. This is where vinyl wraps will make all your car fantasies come true. With hundreds of color choices and digitally printed custom designs, you can transform your vehicle the way you’ve always wanted it.

Installation Time: When you choose to paint your vehicle, you allow yourself to be without transportation for up to two weeks. When it comes to wrapping a vehicle, we can have your vehicle completely transformed within 2 days and ready to be picked up. Do not leave yourself stranded, wrap it up!

Protection: Every inch of your car wrapped in vinyl covers your factory paint from all natural hazards and weathering. This helps the paint to degrade naturally and not be damaged by constant exposure to the sun. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable material and will serve as a protection.

Easy Maintenance: Does your vehicle constantly wax start to take a toll on you? Allow yourself to enjoy never having to wax again! Vehicle wraps an extremely easy to maintain and will look brand new once again from just hand washing with soap and water. Another effective way to take care of your wrap is to use a microfiber rag and 70% alcohol to wash away any dirt or smudges.

Long Lasting, Safe Removal: High-quality vinyls ensure a long-lasting product that can also be safely removed. A wrap life is heavily affected by the length of time it is left outside in the sun causing it to fade faster. Keeping your vehicle in the garage will allow you to maximize your wrap life to the fullest extent.

Things You Need To Know About Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is a practice that was traditionally used mainly for advertisement and branding purposes on commercial vehicles but is now increasingly being embraced by private vehicle owners. The process itself involves covering the entire exterior of a vehicle in a thin, adhesive vinyl that can be malefied. Once the vinyl is positioned and applied, it is trimmed and cut off from the windows, door jambs, panel gaps and trim details around it. It is then stuck deeply onto the paintwork by working out with a soft squeegee any trapped air from under the vinyl, then using a heat gun to help it stick then work along the vehicle’s contours.Do you want to learn more? Visit Identity Graphx-Vehicle Wraps.

The main reason people now use the method of vinyl wrapping on their own cars is to allow a total change of colour. While in the past you would have to get it completely repainted if you wanted to change the color of your vehicle, vehicle wrapping offers an appealing alternative solution.

There are a variety of advantages of getting your vehicle wrapped rather than painted, the main one being the cost. Although a full vehicle cover would still be a major investment, it is a much cheaper alternative to complete repainting. Often, unfortunately, a high percentage of auto body repair shops do not perform paint repairs properly, so after a car has been repainted, it is very normal to be left with imperfections in the finish, such as paint streaks, orange peel results, clear coat, bad color matching, and then large quantities of dust and over spray. In short, repainting a car completely is a very messy, time-consuming and labor-intensive process and finding someone who can do it correctly can be very difficult because if you do, you will possibly have to pay a premium-driving the cost up even further.

Vehicle covers, by comparison, are the absolute opposite. These can be applied in as little as a day, produce no mess for the owner of the vehicle and if properly applied by an experienced fitter, there is nothing that can go wrong. The vehicle is simply washed and decontaminated, certain components of the trim and the exterior are removed and the vinyl is then applied. In order to correctly position and apply the large sheets of vinyl, more than one person is normally needed at the beginning of the process but once placed and loosely applied the rest can be achieved by a single individual.

Also, the consistency of the vinyl now available means that it has to say the difference between a painted finish and a vinyl cover, and most of it can also be polished and waxed like a standard painted finish. You may even opt to adjust the finish entirely as well as various colours, as most manufacturers now sell matte, satin, printed and even chromium vinyl styles. The possibilities are almost infinite, due to this large range of choices. For example, you can have different panels in different colors, have decals, photos and text easily incorporated into the design, and even contrast different finishes by, for example , having dark, matte racing stripes laid over a high gloss, light base colour.

In reality, wrapping the vehicle benefits the original paintwork in many ways. Firstly, it helps to protect and preserve it thoroughly from the weather, thus keeping contaminants from the environment away. Instead, it provides a protective shield against chips of rock and stone that can easily damage paintwork and lead to rust. It also serves as a foil to intense UV rays from the suns, which can oxidize and dilute the paintwork. And lastly, instead of causing scuffs, swirls marks and mild stains on the paintwork over time, the vinyl will take the brunt of these instead, being completely eliminated when the cover is removed.

Innovative Marketing Solutions With Vehicle Wraps

Design wraps and designs can be added on nearly all types of ground, air and water equipment-cars, trucks, vans, buses, ships, trolleys, light and private planes, helicopters, vessels, kayaks, canoes, even jet skis. Have a look at Identity Graphx for more info on this. If the graphics wraps are created for advertising purposes instead the cars are turned into a traveling advertisement for a single company, product or service.

Unlike paint, all wraps are computer-generated designs and, once accepted, the designs are printed on wide vinyl panels and then transferred to contour vehicle surfaces by the hands of professional installers. Complete wraps are designs which fully convert the look and feel by covering the entire surface, while partial wrapping only covers a portion of the surface. When partial wraps are correctly crafted, they use the car’s base color and blends it into the design. Windows may also be covered with a specific material such that when seen from the outside they can still be seen from the inside and continue the picture.

Vehicle wraps are a high demand promotional strategy and the ability to deliver a simple and eye-catching brand campaign through a professional artist is endless. Auto wraps give the organization a degree of integrity that enhances its prestige and exposure as it moves about.

Vehicle wraps broaden the opportunity for outdoor ads, offering small and big businesses an important publicity strategy for putting their brand high-visibility on heavily trafficked commercial streets, highways and nearly everywhere they travel or park. For a service provider who flies from job site to job site, travel time is already becoming a significant marketing tool-not to mention that while you’re on location, you’re talking to the neighbours who would actually use your services and know your skilled business.

Vehicle wraps transform road building, pollution and everyday traffic into a fun experience for people sitting in cars and buses waiting for traffic to pass, enjoy and be attracted to vibrant and exciting ads where they’re sure to catch and recall the advertising; your advertising. In reality, according to a survey by the Transportation Advertisement Council of America (TACA): • Vehicle ads produces between 30,000 and 70,000 regular impressions-and these impressions have a strong output rate: • 90 per cent of travelers note graphics on wrapped cars.

  • 75 per cent of customers create assumptions of a fleet graphics service.
  • 30 per cent of customers base their buying choices on the perceptions they get from the cars of businesses.

In the past decade, many studies have all recorded the same finding, that vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective type of publicity accessible today. One 3 M study showed a company would have to spend more than $130,000 on TV ads to generate equivalent annual impressions of a $3,500-$5,000 car wrap.

The importance of custom vehicle cover would help any form of organization that uses vehicles, buses, or vans in its everyday operations. You already own the space and so you don’t have to rent this valuable ad space from an ad agency. Most advertising firms charge out of the way cost from $800/month and up to $5,000/month for premium locations; you also own the room on your cars to meet thousands of customers every day. In addition, unlike billboards there is no ongoing monthly expense just the one-time upfront costs.