C2960XR Switch Advice

Before you can actually administer your Cisco switch there are quite a few things to know. You get information regarding the switches’ IP address or DNS name. You should also get information about the logins you may be using. And lastly, you need to find our connection to which Ethernet port the device has. The Cisco switch commands can be configured via web administration interface. These commands may vary only depending on the type of switches you ‘re using. An example of such switches is the switch-type show. Examples of commands for the show-type switch are below. Click WS-C3750X-24U-L.

The ‘show history’ provides information about the preceding commands you used. Another example is the ‘display fast Ethernet 0 / x interfaces’ which is used to demonstrate the protocol that the recent Cisco switch is using. On the other hand, the ‘show flash’ command is a good way to get back the switch flash files and directors. The command ‘show interfaces VLAN 1’ can be used to view configuration of the IP address for VLAN. If you want to select the active port security, then all you need to do is type the command ‘show port-security interface [address]’ The command ‘show version’ is used when searching for some hardware information, whereas the command ‘show line’ can provide line information, hence the name. Specific information on a particular line can be used when typing the command ‘show line console 0 ..’ The ‘duplex’ command can be used to achieve duplex setting for your switch. And the term ‘hostname’ should be type in to assign a switch hostname.

Besides all the above mentioned commands, there are still some commands you can use to configure your switch. A bit of work will give you all the knowledge that you need.