Best Boating Supplies

As you are gearing up for a new boating season, there is some important gear that you need to take with you to help you be prepared for anything. Before you head out to the water, there are some things that are a must to have with you and some tips that you can follow so that you can enjoy your time on the water. affordable suppliers

The first tip is to waterproof items. While this might seem like an obvious thing because you are going out on the water after all, many people think that just because they have everything packed in a bag or stored below that it will be safe from the water. This is not always so. For this reason, you should put anything that you don’t want to be wet in a zip lock bag and carry an extra box of zip lock bags in your boat. Label you bags so you can reuse them. For instance, you might have one for your wallet, one for jewelry and one for magazines and books. If you are planning to stop at a restaurant and will need to change clothes, put your clothing in a waterproof bag as well.

Bring along small trash bags and secure them in your boat. You can fill them up easily with snack bags, cans and cups. This helps keep your boat clean and prevents you from accidentally dropping something in the water. When you are done with your day on the water, there are typically trashcans close to the docks and ramps where you can dispose of your trash.

Drinks and snacks are essential to keep onboard your boat. Even if you are not a water drinker, you should keep a container or cold water on your boat and drink about 6 oz every hour to avoid dehydration. Even if you are drinking other beverages, nothing keeps you more hydrated with water. Snacks are important to carry you through to your next meal, especially if you decide that you would like to enjoy just one or two more hours on the boat before heading in.

Bring along games, such as cards and board games. If you have a place to go below on your boat, you might want to get out of the sun or the rain for a bit. Keep reading materials down there as well.

It is a good idea to keep a walkie talkie or some sort of emergency gear onboard to call for help if need be. Even if you own a cell phone, if you are in a remote area it might not work. Keep a waterproof map of the area onboard, flashlights, a flair, extra rope, small tool kit and first aid kit. Hopefully you will never need to use any of these things, but you will be prepared if the need arises.

These are just a few suggestions of what you should take with you when boating. If you are out on the water and think of something useful, write it down and put it onboard the boat as soon as you get home so you will be ready for your next trip. The best way to enjoy your time on the water is to be safe and be prepared for anything.