Benefits of Chiropractic for Life

Typically most patients go to a chiropractor to treat discomfort in their back or spine.

Although chiropractic has consistently proven to be a highly effective means of reducing back pain and neck pain, what about after the pain has subsided? View Hands of Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

What are the advantages of chiropractic in asymptomatic people who no longer have spine-related discomfort, or even never felt it?

If you have been to a chiropractor in the past, or even if you have a family member who has used chiropractic treatment, you have probably heard that even after the suffering is gone, the doctor recommends treatments.

This post-pain treatment is commonly referred to as preventive or repair services, and is somewhat contentious in some areas as to whether it is truly beneficial to painless individuals.

Ask any chiropractor that not only works in the trade for a living, but also certainly provides the very same type of treatment they provide at the point of’ preventative’ or’ maintenance,’ and they will of course tell you that chiropractic is much more than a way out of discomfort-it’s a way to maintain optimum life safety.

The study showed significant changes in pacing, motion speed, cardiovascular function, immune function, muscle strength, healing time, and decreased gestation time in pregnant women under chiropractic care to list only a few advantages.

In my 18 years in chiropractic, I saw first-hand the effect that changes can have on individuals who have’ no discomfort.’ The aim for these people, including myself, is to preserve optimum blood supply from their heart to their muscles and organs to insure that they are working at their maximum level and to avoid problems sneezing on them.

Whether it’s increased endurance, more time, getting sick less often or adding 10 yards to their drive during the weekly golf game, I have the privilege of getting to learn about the effect a spinal change has on people’s lives every day.

Combined with a healthy diet, rehabilitation and stress management, I’ve ensured that daily chiropractic adjustments have been a consistent part of the wellbeing program for my children. And while I respect the decision of anybody to use the incredible power of chiropractic in whatever way makes sense to them, I do agree that people should be aware of the effects that a lifetime of chiropractic care can have on the general avoidance of future problems and the optimisation of wellbeing right now.